About Me

Hi. If you've randomly stumbled on to my blog welcome.

 I'm Sarah, a Geordie Goth before we begin, I want to highlight the name Geordie Goth refers to my regional identity as I hail from Newcastle Upon Tyne. Secondly, I identified as part of the Goth subcultural.   

I live my mundane, happily morbid life in Newcastle Upon Tyne, it such a wonderful, diverse and quaint place to live.  My blog is my personal perspective of my everyday escapades of home life travel, crafting, thrifting, attending festivals,  gigs, experience a bit of occasional cultural,  my attempts of amateur photography and my occasional outfits post when I'm finally out of pyjamas. Most importantly I like to share my experience with my local alt and Goth scene where possible. Also, I want to portray a more down to earth and tangible experience in comparison to the social media mega goths. I like to ruin the Goth mystique. 

A personal note.  I'm dyslexic and at 24 years old I was formally diagnosed, as a consequence my written content may be unreadable. I try my best to ensure all my content is readable, and I try to use appropriate grammar. I'm human and will make mistakes; honestly, I try my best proofread as much as possible. Often my condition means I miss things without realizing it. If there anything that's particular impacting your reader experience, please feel free to constructively comment and I will rectify when possible.  Part of the reason, I blog is to practice and improve my writing skills. Generally, I enjoy the blogging process and sharing my experiences.



Life Update.

Hi, it's been a very long hiatus, not to say the least. Since my last post, a lot happened in October. I had a death in the family ...