Thursday, 31 October 2019

2019 Halloween Finds.

This post is late; I like posting my Halloween finds earlier, but it's been such a hectic few months.

I started my Halloween shopping from the beginning of August; very unusual,
as Tk Maxx starts getting the Halloween stock from the end of August.

Every year TMaxxxx is my winner of Best Halloween shop and great for the essential ghoulish decor. Yet, this year has been disappointing for choice. On the plus side, I've seen more shops selling decent Halloween homewares.

I haven't purchased too much, as I'm running out of space.

I only purchased a couple of things this year from Tk Maxx

A skull sugar spoon, to get me in the spooky mood.

A Halloween tin that is now my hat; I loved the design.

The is the year, best Halloween items has gone to Poundland.

I picked up some excellent, useless trinkets, but they look great. My favourites things we're the boo pumpkins. I grabbed a couple of cat-themed things

I found this great Halloween sign that looks great in my kitchen.

I found a skull jar that lights up perfect for my bathroom.

I found excellent items in The flying Tiger

I purchased bat light and a pumpkin tea light with a witches hat; I couldn't resist it.  I also bought a bat light thing, as I developed a taste for bats at the moment.

Here it is in my living room

A bat tote bag to complement my battiness. 

Next, I purchased a few Halloween accessories from Primark.

I love a good bargain and found these on sale for £3 in total.  It's a bat pillow and pumpkin garland.

I purchased some accessories while in Glasgow. 

The next stop was Home Bargains

I bought a pack black glittery ld candles, an old black kitty candle thing and batty plant thing. 

My favourite Halloween item of this year was from Next. They produced a few sophisticated spooky country chic items. My favourite was the country cottage Halloween theme sign that matched my kitchen scheme sublimely.


  1. Wow - batty tote bag is great.

  2. I tried to avoid all commercial halloween stuff, but I fell for Jack o lantern-stringlights at Lidl. 👻🎃

    1. Lol, 🎃 I'm trying not to purchase stuff anymore at all but failed. The jack lantern lights sound great.

  3. Such wonderful finds! Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain to you!

  4. It all looks lovely! We haven't done much Halloween shopping this year- we've kind of missed out a bit.

  5. I love Halloween in the States; the selection is unreal. Sometimes it's just lovely to enjoy the spooky vibes.

  6. I saw a lot of cool photos and ideas for Halloween. Unfortunately, this holiday isn't being celebrated in my country, so, I can only watch the photos.

    1. That's a shame. I love Halloween more than Christmas I really look forward to it.

  7. Halloween is a very spooky holiday, don't you agree with me? However, in fact, this is not a problem, since we are not afraid of monsters! They are funny!

    1. I love the spooky 👻 vibes. It's fun. We have a monster lurking in us.


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