Monday, 16 September 2019

Community Walk; A Bit Of Bat Spotting

So a few nights ago, I attend a community event for a bat walk.

In my area, there is a two-year project called Wild West End Newcastle. It aims to monitor and identify some specific types of animals in the West End of Newcastle; including bats. The initiative tries to get the local community involved by having weekly walks to spot the various animals.

We met at 7:30 pm in Leezers Parks car park and waited for a few minutes for more people to attend. We headed to a small area of the lake that had been cultivated to provide a habitat for insects, that may offer the ideal place to observe bats flying.

The group were given a brief introduction about bats, such as there are over 17 types of bats; in the North East alone there are was at least 10 to 12 species. When bats tend to feed after dusk, and we may see Daubenton’s bat and Pipistrelle. They mentioned that they saw a few Pipistrelles on a previous walk. They were using a bat detector that could hear the frequency of bats and how each species had the own rate. They explained the procedure for observing and recording bats.

Just as the twilight ended and the sunset finally set the groups saw a great outline of a mall bat flying amongst the skyline, which would provide one the perfect photo. Sadly, the little small fat was so fast it disappeared in the blink of an eye. 

After ten minutes, a few more bats came swooping out of the near trees, as it darkened more came swooping out, I assume ready for their breakfast. As the night progress, more could see. Until the put a gyrating of swooping with their acrobatics looks as they were dancing in the sky, it such a beautiful treat to behold; bats had a mystical quality to them with the speed of their flight they disappeared in now where. I wished I could have captivated it. It failed. 

I tried to take photos, the photos are rubbish, they worse than butterflies to photograph.  I'm going to go on another night with my proper camera. I've edited some of the phots to enhance the bat's shapes. 

I also got a couple of lovely shots of the night sky and scenery. 

Afterwards, we all had gone to the local pub for a drink, but it provided a chance to get to know some of the neighbours. It was a fun night seeing all the bats flying on the lake. 


  1. Bats are so cool.I am glad to hear there are efforts being made to protect them. They provide amazing mosquito control.

  2. Bats seem like such sweet little animals and graceful little creatures. One of my friends in Scotland, went for a bat walk, and they all had bat detectors, she even bought her own. There seems like so many conservations projects going on in the UK.

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