Thursday, 30 May 2019

An Evening of Tales In Sombre Tones.

Last Friday, the Boyfriend, and I attended the ghostly Tales In Sombre Tones. A creative calibration of the dark minds of  Sean Walter's modern gothic anthology and Karen Ruffles striking visual interruption.  The event took was held at the Vane art gallery. 

The event was advertised on Facebook, after reading the reviews, we were curious to attend. We arrived at 7:30. I felt underdressed, wished I gothed up more, I wore casual attire with leggings, a fluffy jumper and no eyeliner, never mind. Sean reminded me, it's a fact I attended not what I wore, that matters.

The Vane Gallery, sadly, compared to the stunning surroundings of  York's venue rainbow stained glass and vaulted ceilings.

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The venue had more urban industrial a vibe, with plain white walls and grey concreates floors. It worked contrasting background to the sepulchral images, making them stand out. 

We entered, just as Sean starting reading one of his short stories, with his West Coast Portland voice, slowly weaving his tale to the small audience who intrigued and captivated by the woeful tale. I loved how Sean included a sign language version of his story, making it more accessible to people with hearing impairments. Also, it included a pleasing visual aspect brought a new emphasis on the storey.

There was even a photo of the Boyfriend and Me, listening, to one of Sean's reading. 

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After the reading, Sean discussed with the audience about their perspective and observations of about the book. He had a genuine sincerity and took great interest in the audience, who were curious by the dark tales. He thrives off the small support and truly ebbed appreciated through his demeanour and interactions. A common theme was the number of dyslexics who attended and engrossed in the book. Sean's mentioned he's releasing an audiobook; I explained my love for the challenging and experience of reading from a book.  

We had a fascinating chat and exchanging life experiences and finding common ground with our skills of working health and dementia patients, a highly comical antecedent.  We discussed the influences and inspiration of the anthology, along with the artwork Steven, a monster lurking in a sewer and the story of an eroded cat statue after beach combing in Whitby. We exchange experiences of goth cultural and cultural. 

I loved Karen work, I even found a couple of pieces I loved ( I forgot to take more photos, as I was having a good time). The artworks were charcoal paintings that looked more like photographs, I met Karen, who again a fab person and very talented artist explained her experience and influences for the artwork and her personal favourites. Karen was planning to release some prints of her artwork in the future. 

Also, part of the night included music from DJ Jay  Sinful both a well respected and veteran DJ and music promoter based in Whitby. Again, it was another lovely and fantastic DJ who kept playing great tracks, including Auger  Monster, one of my new favourite bands at the moment. Yet Jay, personally the knew the group and leading the conversation further leading to The Darker Day festivals. 

We had a slow gander around the art, everything was macabrely tantalizing. I really wanted to hang most of it in my bathroom. A few pieces struck me, which was Addiction and  Steve from Cages. 

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We stayed for his telling of Addictions, really reminded of Princess who kinds would suck all your energy and soul if you don't feed, otherwise, she's a sweety.  Unfortuly, the photo this picture got more she's cute then, yeap I see what you mean. 

After the second reading, we left and said byes with talk of an unofficial after-party at Trillians, it was general banter and with a few drinks, yes, plenty of stories about kitty escapade.

I even purchased a copy of Sean's book and had it signed. I'm looking forward to delving into the short parables in autumn and winter with the kitties and Halloween tea.  

It was a great and intimate night with a bit dark gothic cultural; of stories, artwork and music. It's great to see more darkly inclined creatives, collaborating. I wish Sean and Karen all the best with their creative endeavours. 

If you're interested further about the book, check out current links Tales In Sombre blog. 
Sean Walter's personal webpage  and Karen's website Drawing in the Dark 


  1. Wow - that artwork really does look like a photograph. Very cool!

  2. The artwork was fan and very realistic.


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