Saturday, 2 March 2019

DIY: Bathrom Accessories

I bought these items a few weeks ago to place into my bathroom, sorry, forgot to take photos of the whole process.

I bought this from Hobby craft to use as a hand towel holder. It cost £2.50

I also bought this from the works to keep my making-up/ cleansing cloths, since I'm trying to reduce my use of single use items. 

I had this paper I picked up from either Paperchase or Hobby Craft for 50p a roll. I loved this pattern. 

I traced around the shapes of the objects and used PVA glue on paper to stick them down on the surface. Once dry, I added a solution of watered down vanish to the top for extra protection. I originally, painted the box with acrylic paint, but the final finish looked crap. 

I opted for Wilko's satin spray paint, I didn't prime just spray painted directly onto the items.  I also purchased some resin roses for £1.50 from the Works, One the best places for bargain craft crap, if you're in the UK.  While waiting for everything to dry,  I listened to Cemetery Confessions podcast (the early release for Patron supporters). 

The roses have a sticky back sticker,  and I placed it into position. I love the final results it an easy cheap DIY project and great for us lazy crafters. In total it cost less than £7 for everything.

The final reveal


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    1. Thank you. I'm ok. But I'm sadly, not on GUY's level.

  2. Wow love this. You are a crafter after my heart, Love the styke so muxh and i may just have to copy your idea for the wash cloth as i am also doing this. x

  3. Thanks. I'm definitely lover of black spray paint. Lol. I'm happy with people taking my ideas and creating their own crafty projects. I definitely recommend the clothes I bought these baby microfiber clothes from Poundland. It's means I'm not spending money on cotton wool anymore and good for the environment. Win win. Good luck with your projects.

  4. You are amazing! Turned out fantastic!


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