Saturday, 16 February 2019


The last few months have been busy. I often forget to take photographs of my outfits. I always seem to emphasise I'm ardent believer and practitioner you can build and make a gothic wardrobe on a budget. I just feel I may be getting ranty and repetitive, now.  Anyway, like usually I  haven't photographed all my more exciting outfits, I forget and need to get a decent full-length mirror.

This outfit I wore when I went with a meal with my partner and friend before she went back to Edinburgh, we went back to Nudo for oriental food.  The outfit I wore a Victorian style top I got from a charity shop for £2, skirt and necklace I made by me. My boots for £14 by Marks and Spencers from eBay. 

I wore this when we went to Stripped a small Goth Night in Gateshead the top and skirt are made by me. I wore this waist belt from Primark, I think cost £3, not bad. 

I wore this outfit when my Boyfriend and I went to see a band and went for a meal. I wore top from Primark, the skirt was made by me, the waist cincher belt was from New Look £2 on sale, I wore bird skull earring I made I purchased from eBay and a bird skull necklace I bought for £1 from eBay.  

I wore this outfit when I went out to Preston Park as it was freezing. I opted for thick leggings  I purchased from Boyes for £8, a furry tunic jumper for £10 and an emerald green scarf I bought from a market years ago for £1. I'm wearing an Alchemy Gothic White Hart, black rose pendant for £25 from HRH Vikings. 

I wore this outfit for Castle Noir, the local goth night. I got the top for £3 from Leeds Market,  the necklace I made myself, the waist cincher belt £4 Primark, I made the skirt.  

I wore this outfit when I was off and went to sewing class. I purchased the blouse off eBay for £12 I was shocked it has Gothic lolita vibe about it. The skirt is Mondi my first best ever charity shop find. The belt made by Marks and Spencer, but I purchased from a car boot sale. The Necklace seems to works entirely for this kind of outfit. The boots were from New Look, I purchased off eBay for £14. 


Life Update.

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