Monday, 21 January 2019

Geordy Goth Creation: Review of McCalls 7723 Sewing Pattern

 Mary Mourning has inspired me to share more of sewing projects. Generally, I'm always looking for ideas to post about I'm thinking to post once a month of about my current sewing project or even a previous one I've made. I'm going to call it Geordy Goth Creations.

One of my most recent creations was McCalls 7723. I fell in love with this pattern due to the dramatic sleeves and high necklines. I particularly love top B with it's bellowing sleeves and top A flouncy bell sleeves with corset detail. I purchased the pattern when McCalls had their sale costing £5.  

The pattern recommends using woven fabric like cotton lawn fabric, viscose.etc. I made this top as a toile often I try to use a material where I can wear it. I used a cotton viscose fabric, I paid £6 for three metres. I found this top used 2.8 metres for top 
After purchasing the top, I didn't realise how boxy the top was I altered the pattern to make it more fitted by tracing the original design on to baking paper.  I used another pattern piece from McCalls 7657 to create a Princess seam by tracing around the pattern insert and altering to fit the top's pattern. I forgot to take a photo of it, but I also used a curved ruler to outline the new seam.  When I cut the top out it was too large I sewed it up first then took it fitted it. 

Mistakes, I  made when cutting out the flounces in half, not realising it was meant to be a full circle. I also cut out the top too short as I was following the instructions of a sewing pattern, next time I'll just use the entire length of the top pattern. I tend to make my skirt quite high waisted, it's not too bad. 

 I've also have tried to teach myself how to use a narrow hem foot and thought the lightness of fabric would suit a rolled. After hours of practices to no avail, the hem failed. Also, trying to use narrow hem foot on a circular flounce it was far too challenging. I resorted to using marrowing hem aka the rolled hem on my overlocker. It still gives light and almost professional finish, while retaining the drape of the fabric. 

The marrowing hem from the overlocker

The collar was a standard process of interfacing and attaching via the stitch in the method.  I definitely surprised, my with an accuracy of sewing, definitely improved over the last year. The pattern method suggested using an elastic loop, but I opted for button fastening, again using one-step buttonhole. I like to use decorative buttons to add some interest to the top.  

This is the back of the top. 

For the hem, I overlocked the raw edge and did a single narrow straight stitch. 

Princess wondering what the heck is she doing, I guess by her look I 'm not going to be a model anytime soon. Lol. 

I really love this top one it's still not quite fitted enough for me I've found adding a waist belt has helped and adds an overall detail to the detail. Another issue is what to wear with the top? What works well is a handkerchief hema maxi skirt that seems to complement the blouse.  I've already made at least three skirts so far.  

The finished top

Sorry,  I forgot about the masking tape, a small project I'll post soon. 


  1. It's a very dramatic blouse! Looks great with that large belt. Be careful around candles with those sleeves!

    1. Thanks, I like love the dramatic sleeves, don't worry about the candle I never light them, there more decorative

  2. I love the blouse! Nice work. I don't do much sewing, and part of me is timid about using a pattern and getting everything right. There's this Youtuber I watch though names Micarah Tewers who sews all kinds of things without a pattern. I have no idea how she does it, but it's certainly cool!

    1. Thanks. I can't do free style, but I prefer using a pattern. I have tried without a pattern but it doesn't work well for me. I would recommend to anyone to sew. I'll be sure to check her out.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks. I would say clever just a skill I have. Anyone can learn to do it.

  4. It looks so pretty with the belt! Very dramatic =D
    I have this pattern too, and maybe I'll get around to sewing it in a couple years hahah XD

    1. Thanks. I really look forward to seeing your interruption of the tops.'

  5. I haven't looked through a pattern book in so long, I had no idea they were making such nice ones these days! Good idea to change the boxy body to princess seams instead. I just love those sleeves!

    1. My local sewing store only sell, simplicity, vogue or Buttricks. After a visit to Leeds, I discovered the McCall's catalogue, and their fantastical sewing patterns the allure was to much to resist.

  6. Replies
    1. I know. The sleeves are why I fell in love with pattern.


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