Friday, 25 January 2019

DIY: Fire Place Revamp Part 1.

If I put photographs up of my fireplace or even if people see it, they always seem to compliment. Sadly it's not original the surround I do like it. It has always felt as though it needs some more decorative detail. After spending hours on Instagram and Pinterest getting inspiration. After discovering the concept of wooden decals through  Bane's Goth It Yourself. 

I purchased a wooden decal from eBay for a couple of pounds, I bought this a while ago, so I can't exactly where. However, I found this one.


I  initially tried to glue the decal on the fireplace with PVA glue, but it didn't work. I then opted for Gorilla glue and held on masking tape. It worked, but I place too much glue on the decal. I didn't realise the glue would expand. 

I then tried to scrape the glue from decal using my owe. 

I removed most of the glue, and I repainted the decal than the fireplace, the entire fireplace would benefit from a repaint. 

This is the enclosed version. 

I'm planning to get two wooden appliques in a decorative cobalt style to add more of architectural symmetry. 


  1. It looks great and really dresses up the fireplace!

  2. Thanks you it's amazing what a couple of pound can do.

  3. A little gorilla glue goes a long way. Gotta be careful when using it since it expands.

    1. I didn't release that until it happened.

  4. It truly looks great!! Well done!

  5. That looks amazing. I have had that problem with gorilla glue to. It is a real pain in the butt. But your end result is very good.

  6. Thanks. It works but didn't realise it expand. I've learnt my lesson a little goes along way.


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