Sunday, 13 January 2019

Bat Fit : 2019 Goals

Well, it's 2019 I can't believe where 2018. With the new year, we're always hit with the sensationalism of new year new me, and it can be achieved in a few weeks. I feel setting boundaries of new resolutions forces pressure on oneself to confirm and you're more likely to fail, intern inhabiting personal growth.

I've decided to include my goal as both my new year's personal goal and Bat fit two. 


1 Maintain my holistic health,

Last September,  I had severe back pain and concerned it was a severe problem, but it was terrible PMS pain. I finally joined up a Yoga class even after attending for a few weeks I noticed a huge difference in my legs, back, posture and the way I bend. What I also love about the tutor is she various eastern philosophies to create a form of mediation. Once the class begins again, I'll be rejoicing.

Another issue, I want to address is I get very stressed over trivialities, especially at work. I want to learn techniques to help me maintain me to relax and remain calm. I'm not sure how I'm going to achieve this, but I'll research this.

2. Eat more healthy and maintain my current weight

I'm almost back down to goal weight of 10 stone, I not sure how I've achieved this it's a combination of working 1.2 miles about three to four times a week to work, probably helped. Also, at work, I'm my feet for long hours. I want to maintain my current weight and hopefully get a bike. Glee.

My eating compared to a few years ago is drastically improved we tend to eat a lot more home cooking.  I 'm trying to include more fruit and veg, and reduce the amount sugary food I eat. I want to get back into baking again, so I control what is going into my diet.   

3. Take control of finances

Compared to others,  my fiances are very healthy, I want to focus on increasing my savings and to getting rid of my credit card debt. I've already transferred the balance on to a zero per cent interest account for 32 months.  I'm going to shift my saving to a higher interest saving as I'm not making hardly any money on them. I've also started using Top cash back when I purchasing online I'm not making much but it all adds up. I'm also using the Qmee app that allows you to get money when searching online, every little count.  

4. Stop purchasing crap and declutter

This started last year, I where I'm drastically reducing how much tat and clothes I'm purchasing from the charity shops and Poundland it's nowhere as much as I used to purchase. I want to get more disciplined and conscious of what I 'm buying.   

5. Focus on my homemade and upcycling rather than purchasing.

As a crafter, I've hoarded and amassed a lot of materials and scraps fabric I want to find a new way of using what I already have rather than purchasing more crap I hoping this aid in me saving money and upcycling. 

Again, I've already started doing this especially with making my own jewellery and clothing. I want to continue, definitely focus on projects where I'm reusing my scrap fabrics and other tats. 

6.  Rather than spending my money on an item to focus more on experience. 

I want to purchase fewer items and maybe more experiences and try new things like crafting. For example one of the things is a taxidermy crafting. I'm planning to save money away for this specific new experiences. 

7. Reduce my personal impact on the environmental effects. 

After watching amount rubbish and plastic that building up in the sea. I'm aiming to minimise the amount of plastic and waste by reducing the number of single-use items and packaging I've started making small steps but will continue.   


  1. These are all wonderful goals! Good luck with them!

  2. Thanks. We'll see what happens.

  3. Great goals! Happy New Year! šŸŒ

  4. Yoga is seriously the fountain of youth. I'm sad I can't do yoga anymore (too cold outside and I had to cancel my gym membership to reduce costs and my apt is literally too small to roll out a mat). Also so happy to see you and others watching their environmental impact and trying to live sustainably!

  5. Thanks. I'm trying to be a bit more conscious of my environmental by no means am I perfect hopefully my small contributions may help.

  6. Super goals - I am with you. My main resolution is to reduce my plastic waste by 50% - I hate that shit. Yoga is amazing. I have had a consistent practice since June and am loving the benefits. This is the first time in a long time that I have not had a weight loss goal as a resolution. That is because the yoga has me toned so I don't need to lose weight. I have a lot more muscle and a lot less fat. It is a great lifelong journey so I am thrilled to hear you are on the path.

    1. I'm not sure if I could reduce my plastic rubbish by 50%. I try to use the Ikea Istard washable bait bags.

      Even after, a couple sessions of Yoga my back seemed to have greatly improved, and I appeared to slightly more toned. The session run over a 10 period with a month break as the work over term times. I'm going try and it on a regular basis. The benefits are amazing.

  7. These are great goals! You're going to do amazing! Yoga is really interesting and I hear it helps with a lot. I tried a drop in class once and it was nice, but I didn't continue due to lack of funds. But I have found some stuff on beginner poses that I am going to work on here at home.

    1. I was very surprised at how expansive yoga classes are in my local area I found one where I do my sewing classes for £4 per a 2 hour sessions.

  8. Sarah these are amazing goals! I know you will achieve them!

    1. Thanks I'm not presuring myself into the just more of a gradual lifestyle change that seems to be working. Any good with your personal goals.

  9. 6 and 7 are things I hope for 2019 as well!
    Cheers to all the goals! May they blossom as the new year unravels. =)

    1. Thanks. I'm hoping they're achievable. I'll see how things progress but good luck for 2019 as well.

  10. Excellent goals and I hope your health will be all good!


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