Saturday, 22 December 2018

My Christmas Decor.

I can't believe Christmas is almost upon us again, it seems to have come around from nowhere. This year I haven't gone overboard with the decor, but I have only bought a couple of thing without breaking the bank. Most of the stuff  I have slowly gained over the last few years and intend for many years to come. 

I've placed all the Christmas decor around the fireplace one for space, but two it seems to make sense. I initially used my Halloween bat decor and a couple of stockings. 

I  also had my Russian dolls of the Nightmare Before Christmas 

I added my Nightmare Before Christmas tree ornament.

I found some holly ribbon from Running Tiger, I love this shop so much, seriously it's amazing and cheap. I used this holly Christmas decoration on the fireplace.  

I bought this 

I purchased these Halloween decor items on sale from Primark. 

I bought a kitty skying 

I also purchased a set of angel wrings from Poundland, I spray painted black. 

I also made an upcycled reef with ribbons and old tinsels at the time exchange. I also made a small mini reef from holly tinsel ribbon I got from the Running Tiger, I love this shop since one has opened in Newcastle. It's not great, but,  I like it, I can reuse it for years, and it upcycled from old Christmas decor.     



  1. I just LOVE your all black-and-white fireplace with that one big POP of colour from the red stocking!

  2. I love pulling out the old decorations that I've made over the years. Christmas is all about the nostalgia, I guess! Your fireplace display looks fantastic (I agree with everyone about the pop of colour) and those NBC stacking dolls ... I love stacking dolls to begin with but those are the best!

    1. My partner doesn't like too much Christmas decor. I always love decorating the fire place for Christmas and keeping it the main focus for the holidays. Now, it has been highlighted I like the bit of colours as it breaks up the black. I always wanted some stacking dolls I fell in love the Nightmare Before Christmas one as it has lot of nostalgia memories for me.

  3. I love it all Sarah! Well done!! You have some really cool decorations! I agree with everyone else on the red stocking! Big Hugs!


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