Friday, 2 November 2018

My Halloween

With Halloween taking places on the weekday, most of the events took place during the weekends. Last Year, Halloween was very quiet, I went out with the Boyfriend for a Halloween burger. 

This year there were more events, to chose from, still not a huge amount. There was either a Halloween pub quiz or The Literary Salon at a local bar called Bar Loco, we opted for the latter. It had themes of Fright night that ranged friction, poetry, short stories and an open night mike for local amateurs to share their talents. 

We grabbed food at the bar and bargain prices a good quality meal. I had a burger that was a small, but handmade. The Boyfriend had a pizza. I forgot to take photos. 

After food, we went upstairs and found an ugly marshmallow sofa, my lord it was comfy.

 The room had high ceilings and Victorian mouldings with a bare bricked wall exposed and large open fireplaces behind the performers.  The lights were dimmed, and the candlelight offering a soft glow enhancing the eerie ambiences. 

The was a small induction from one of the Salon's organisers. 

The first performer was James Whitman, with Satirical, political based proses. His fervently, animated oratory brought the dark and grittiness to life, with his own take on that reminded of Attila, the punk poet His work despite its graphic nature there a satisfactory element of his antagonist finally getting justice. 

The next up was Paul Forbes, who wrote an interesting short story about an escaped criminal after meeting a mysterious old woman who offers him refuge. 

We then a had the open mike night with a range of people or people showcasing the poems. 

We had a small break, introduced to the talented short poems from Megan Pattie based on her fears of the darkness inspired by David Attenburgh the Blue planet and horrors of her previous experience. My favourite was her poem inspired by the Newcastle Witch trials that happened in 17 century.

The last was a horror storey based on two porters working nightshift in the Freeman Hospital. It resonates with me and surprisingly quite accurate to what can happen on nightshift. I though enjoyed the mundane beginning and the graphic climax to the story. it had me gripped to my seat.

It was a fun night listening spending Halloween listening to terrifying stories and poems. It amazes at the amount of local diverse and talented literacy that being produced.  


  1. An ugly marshmallow sofa - now that is a bit of imagery!

    1. LOL. It was one of those 90's big cushion aweful 90's petal sofa. It was comfy.


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