Monday, 20 August 2018

I'm turning 30.

I want to share some of my thoughts as I turn 30 tomorrow... It's hard to believe I'm turning 30 I really don't feel like a responsible adult with a mortgage. For years, I thought I would be pulling my hair out and having a mental breakdown. Strangely enough, I don't have any major feelings may be a couple of regrets but generally, I feel very blase.  Also, I feel no grand epiphany of clarity. Usually, on my birthday I feel a little down but I don't even feel any negativity.  
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In contrast, I feel content with my life I'm not sure if that's bad or good. I don't feel the need to reach for stars or dream the dream it will come to reality. In comparison, I'm in the very privileged position, I have a loving partner, a few amazing friends in my life and  I own my house before turning 30.

 Personally, I also feel like I'm a better person than when I was 20 and grown and became more tolerant but less tolerant of people's crap. I don't think I'm quite the person who I would like to be but I do feel as though I'm on my way to becoming that person I want to be. I'm still finding me. 

Originally, I didn't plan much for my birthday,  albeit from holidaying Prague as a way of celebrating. I decided to have a small afternoon teas party with a couple of friends, my partner and Mam. I'm really not into big party's or celebrations I tend to prefer something a bit more sombre and quiet. 

Today, my mam (mother) took me fabric shopping and later we went for some cake and coffee in aid of for my birthday.  It was a quiet day, which I prefer.  

My cake 

Monday, 13 August 2018

My Outfits

I wanted to post about my recent outfits, which covers from January to May. I do keep meaning to do more outfit posts, often, I forget to take photographs. During that period, I went through a Gothic Lolita Librarian period, where  I prefer wearing blouses, cardigans and circle style skirts; to me always have a lolita vibe. I love the more demure look, as it works best for the colder and transition seasons. 

I found a free app, Pic Collage to create a collage of my outfits. I can't really show my outfits very effectively with selfies. I wanted to show the exact garments, I wore with the outfit. The app was ok. however, it was temperamental to use often wasting time completing the same college several times.  It took a while to get familiar with composing the photo layout, resizing the photo, and moving them without deleting them.

The Outfits 

 I wore this outfit for my sewing class since I was off. I don't always wear strong eye makeup but I do prefer the look, especially in winter.  I love pink and purple tones as seems to suit my skin tone and enhance my eye colours.  

The blouse and military style cardigan were thrift finds. The skirt was a  jacquard skirt I sewed, using simplicity  Simplicity 5914. This black rose pendant necklace was by  The Crypt of Curiosities. I've actually worn the necklace the most since getting it. 

 The blouse was originally from Next, and the skirt coast,  both were thrift finds.  I guess that happens with the absence of decent alt/  goth shops as Charity shops offer a wealth of hidden treasures,  shame everybody else has caught on. The cardigan, was by Fenn Wright,  from Tk Maxx. I purchased it during the disposal income and frivolousness of materialism will make me happy years, it didn't.  The leather boots were from Asda, I've had for five years, and cost £40. 

This skirt is what I consider is pure Vintage;  by Mondi, a German company, I'm sure it was meant to be an evening/ cocktail skirt it feels very 80's; I paid £3 and found it when I was a teenager. 

The cardigan is from the purchasing,  expensive clothes will make me happy years, Karen Millen cardigan and cost £100.  The blouse is All Saints, from my favourite charity shop slightly pricey for my taste of £8. My necklace was a Pound from a Primark.

My boots were a recent, insomniac I've just finished work purchase, by Kurt Giger. They reminded of the Pikes style of boots. I don't like really pointy shoes or boots I  prefer a more almond shape. (GASP, horror, swoon, well the goth club will definitely have my membership for that one. )  I spent too much on them I prefer purchasing good quality boots and shoes. 

The top and skirt were sewn by me. The last few years,  I've been focusing on sewing my own clothes rather than purchasing them. The top was sewn from a free pdf pattern, and the skirt was sewn from a Prima sewing pattern, from a charity shop. The waist belt is by Karen Millien from a vintage shop. I bought the boots from Primark on sale for £3. The necklace I purchased from an Independent seller in Brighton. 

I think this was taken when I went drinking with the other half.  I may have been feeling the effects of a few too many ciders. The top is from Next,  I got on sale for £5, the waist belt is from Primark for £4,  and my jacket was by Jasper Conran I paid £2 years ago from a car boot sale. The skirt was sewn by me using the flouncy bouncy sewing pattern.

I wore the outfit travelling to Hexham. I really like the jumper with lace cold shoulder detail by Per Una for £3. The skirt was another Geordie Goth creations it was sewn with a free pdf sewing pattern called the flouncy bouncy skirt pattern.  The boots were second hand from eBay. 

This outfit, I wore when the boyfriend, and I went out for drinks The tunic dress, I sewed myself using  Newlook 6323, however, I altered the pattern with the assistance of my sewing tutor. I had to take one to two cms off the sleeve pattern to improve it fit of the armhole.  I did reverse applique, which was interesting. The boots were by Guess from  TK Maxx, and I picked up from the waist belt from Newlook for £2 after a Christmas sale. The necklace, I've had for years and bought from a market in Kenmare in Ireland from an independent jewellery seller. 

This was my outfit, I wore for going when I went to Edinburgh. The top is one my favourites it a thrift find. This skirt I found in a charity shop I really do love it. The belt from Primark. The boots are from eBay and necklace is The Crypt of Curiosities


This was my outfit I wore Noircastle, my local Goth Night, I really can't recommend this club enough. So check it out if you're in the Newcastle Upon Tyne area.

I decided to go for an undead fairy look with some influence of Death from Shakespear Sister, Stay. It's on those fantastic nighties songs with a lot of nolsteriaic memories. What can I say I'm a child of the nineties. 

The floral headdress is my DIY projects, the mesh top is one sewing projects, it has a sparkly bit on that's nicely understated. The skirt is a charity shop find from Edinburgh. Lace tights Primark are very comfy. My Pvc corset I've had for years it by Burleska and Newrocks, again I've had for years. The necklace is eBay for a couple of pounds. Yes, my anti-capitalism stance I'm supporting evil capitalism of eBay. I'm a hypocrite who is on a budget and pragmatic. I guess it's that's one of the society dichromates., 

I'm not a sociologist or academic or philosopher. Just an observer and contemplate with way too much time on my hands developing my own thoughts about my existence of reality. Just enjoying life with good company and drink at times. Enjoys dressing up when I'm in the mood, with the ageing mentality of I'm not paying for that if I can do it myself, as long as its my capabilities. Life is simple, ambiguous and very confusing.  

Life Update.

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