Monday, 18 June 2018

DIY: Upcycling Ottoman

I've been searching container to store all my fabric, so I've thought about purchasing an ottoman or blanket box. A few weeks ago, a neighbour had advertised on street Facebook page, yes we have a street Facebook page. Anyway, a neighbour had advertised they had a wicker blanket box and yours truly was first to respond, it was mine. I just love my street as people try to be environmentally friendly and offer furniture for free, rather than seeing it go to landfill.

I really love the shape of the ottoman, the wicker and with it's small Queen Anne legs. It has a quaint French cottage vibe.

I decided to tart it up. . Usually, I more than happy to paint black, but I opted for grey. As I had a tin of Rustoleum Chalk Paint in Graphite left. Before I began, I lightly sanded the ottoman and cleaned it. I'm not really the best one to explain how to use chalk paint so I recommend Youtube

I used a paintbrush to apply the paint. I stirred the paint before applying and used light coats I put on about three coats. I also had to stipple the paint on to apply the paint in between the wicker. Afterwards, I waxed the wicker and buffed with a cloth.

I wasn't happy with the lid and considered painting it or even using sticky back plastic. I remember I had some oilcloth lying around. I cut the cloth to size and allowing a bit extra to staple the cloth to the lid. 

I love the final aesthetic it feels more like a French cottage style with a slightly gothic twist that looks gorgeous. I feel the grey works perfectly on the wicker and looks great in the guest bedroom. It'll definitely fit in with the scheme I have planned for my craft room.

I'm not sure if I'm a chalk paint convert it feels as though it's more hassle to use compared to other options available. I'm not keen on the finish as it looks darker in some areas. I guess it'll add to the rustic charm, considering it cost menothing to revamp I can't complain. I think next time, I'll use spray paint.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

DIY: Gothic Silhouette

I bought these picture frames back at Christmas for 5 pence. I haven't been sure what to use them, I did love the oval shape of picture frames. 

I finally got around to painting one of the frames black. 

I was in the Works and found these wooden appliques for a pound and purchased one. 

Originally, I intended to keep the wood unpainted, when I placed wooden silhouette next to paper I  mount it didn't compliment. I decided to paint the appliques black. 

I traced around the wrapping paper and cut it out using the glass as a template. 

The final results. This was such cheap, easy DIY and lazy craft to do. 

I think I'll make a second one but have the silhouette facing the left. 

Life Update.

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