Tuesday, 29 May 2018

The Late Show 2018

Last weekend, was Newcastle's and Gateshead's annual Late Show. It allows the public to experience all the creative and cultural venues on an evening, which takes place on either a Friday or a Saturday. I love the Late Shows as they always celebrate and promote the Northern Cultural. It offers something different to do on an evening and offers a new perspective of experiencing the venue at night.

Usually, the Late Shows doesn't have a theme, but this year to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the Angel of North. A lot of the venues, brought this through a range of the event that with an angel them to celebrate the anniversary. 

I met up with my good friend Kerry-Anne, who also my best crafting buddy. I normally attend to the Late Shows alone this year Kerry- Anne agreed to meet up, especially since a lot the events were close to her home. We fitted in three venues.

Both of us having fun with our complimentary glow sticks. 

Gateshead Libary 

The first event we were welcomed by a dapper  Victorian gentleman who had Steam Punk vibe. The garish looking Frankenstein ushering us into the library. It has set the scene for the library event; with a narrator reciting the tale of Mary Shelly's Frankenstein and exploring the historical context and background for the storey. While the narrator was telling the story, there were characters acting out parts of the scene; in a slight amateurish manner that seemed intentional to bring some humour to the audience. I assume not to give the kids too many nightmares.    

I quite enjoyed listening to the Frankenstein accompanied by actors it was interesting to explore some of history and influences of the story, especially for those not familiar with it. However,  I found this part dry since I very familiar with the background of the storey. Also, both Kerry- Anne and I were itching to something a bit more crafty.  

Shipley Art Gallery

We headed along to the Shipley that's merely a stone's throw from Gateshead Library. We had a quick browse around the exhibitions, the most interesting was Grayson Perry's modern tapestries. I love artwork that uses traditional crafts but shows them with a modern twist. The vibrant use of colours that depict the duality of life with its life's celebrations and struggles of Julie Cope, a fictitious Essex woman. I also liked the artist use of colour to reflect and enhance the mood of daily living situations. For example how the more negative scenes use more muted and sombre colours. In comparison to the happier aspects uses animated and vigorous colours. 

We both fell in love with the white dress that had an Elizathenian feel with the wrings styled collar. I love the used of recycled fabric which offered some interesting inspiration.  On closer inspection, we were both a bit appalled by the construction and finishing off techniques used.

we decided to make our own mini angel of the North with pegs, felt tips and colourful corrugated cardboard and a bit of plasticine.  It was a bit simple but still fun expressing some creativity. 

These are the final efforts a bit easy both of us but a bit the fun. I guess you can which Angel is mine. 

Bensham Grove

We then headed over to the Bensham Grove, usually, I'm always biased about Bensham Grove it has to be my favourite venue as they always have so many crafty activities. This year it includes freestyle painting, glass painting, felt crafts and ceramic decoration all for £2 each ( including materials). The prices are fantastic as I've been many a place that charge far more. Also, all the money goes back into the centre in some form or another.

We choose to do the glass painting. In keeping the Angel of the North there were various of angel images to select from, Kerry- Anne and I chose the same images. The glass instructors are always so cordial and willing to share the skills. They provided us with a small glass panel to be our canvas, to trace the image using guttering it seems to be a similar technique to silk painting, to prevent the glass paints from running. There seemed to be some adventitious artists attempted their designs freehand. After tracing the image I used a heat dryer to dry the guttering and did the same after painting the design.

I persuaded  Kerry-Anne to model with a creation that looked fab by the time we finished the glass angel. I think the design had Christmas vibe to it. 

By the time we finished the glass painting most of the other crafts had finished. I didn't realise how fast time had gone. I guess we were having too much fun catching up and crafting. We stopped off for a beverage. I met up with the head of Bensham community centre and introduced Kerry-Anne to her as they discussed the courses on offer. I had a quick chat with the head of Bensham,  I haven't seen her for a few weeks. We had a fantastic night of culture and crafts. 


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