Sunday, 20 May 2018

DIY; Hair Clips

I 've made a pair of hair clips. I got inspiration from Bane's  Goth it yourself after looking at her old post. 

I bought a pack of hair slides from Poundland, so plenty of more to make. I'm trying to use my craft supplies up rather than keep stocking  up on them.

I purchased some bows and black flowers from a market to make hair accessories, as I'm getting into more ever more into DIY. 

I hand sewed the flowers to the bows which took less than five minutes.

I got my handy glue gun and glued my bows to the metal clips. I applied the glue to metal clip and attached the bow. 

My handy glue gun, seriously after all not owning one I couldn't without mine.  

The clip glued to the clip, I spread all along the clip. 

The Finished items 

Me trying them on. Sorry for the poor photograph, it's difficult taking a selfie the back of my head. I'm posing in my pj's. Well, I'm definitely going to be on my last uber warning from the goth club or well. Lol.  


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