Thursday, 17 May 2018

Afternoon at the Coast.

Over the last few weeks, it feels as though I have literally just worked at the moment. Last week it was a bank holiday weekend, I swapped my weekend off, doh. Anyway. I was off Sunday with the rare but gorgeous weather alluring me to visit the coast. However, I assumed many shared the same idea since everywhere was busy. The sun worshippers decided to have a tipple in celebration for the spring finally emerging. I guess with the even subconsciously May Day retains its pagan roots.

 I dragged the Boyfriend or suggested with zeal we should visit the coast and the persuasion of beer. Before crossing the fresh hold I dousted my self in 50 factor and the boyfriends to prevent any fires.

We started off at Tynemouth Market, by the time we arrived most of the stalls were packing away, however, I've managed to stock up on jewellery craft supplies. Including glass beads, earrings pieces like moons, dragon and unicorn, some beads and bracelets pieces.

Our journey continued by looking for a local pub, to no avail all were mostly excessively crowded. So, we had a slow stroll along the beach. Micialliously, the boyfriend didn't go up in flames so even 50 factor plus seems to work for vampires. We had slow stroll enjoying cool breeze and sun.

Here a couple of the photographs. I took looking at the stunning ruins of  Tynemouth Priory that has stood as a coastal defence for over 2000 years. The strategical location since overlooks both the North Sea and the entrance to the Tyne river could see the potential attackers or raiders.  The for was even used during second world war with mounted gun batteries built into the cliffs protecting the from Nazi threat of invasion.

My favourite part of Tynemouth Priory is the ruins of the old Priory, which peaks out for fortress walls. It creates an interesting focal point of in the landscape.

I took this as I couldn't believe how far we walked. 

The boyfriend enjoying slushie he purchased from Tynemouth Market. 

I always love being around water since I spent a lot of later childhood swimming so I 've always had an affinity with water and love dipping my feet in the sea, despite being freezing. I saw the boyfriend hysterically enjoying my shocked reactions at how cold the water was. 

I also looked overdressed compared to other people in their swimwear, plus having my 50 factor on I also, wearing a sun hat, scarf, a cardigan, a long skirt with legging undeath to prevent my thighs from chafing.  

We had a lovely day out and ended up at an amazing Turkish restaurant, Turknaz. This has to be one of the best Turkish resturant I've been to outside of Turkey; the food felt very authentic and delicious. I for got to take some photographs. I love the feel of the restaurant it reminded of my experience of The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.                                                                          


  1. Looks like a fun time! I've never had Turkish food -- very exotic!

    1. It was really nice. The boyfriend and my partner love Turkish and middle eastern food we love near a selection of these types of restaurants.

  2. What a gorgeous area. I want to stroll on a beach near historic ruins. And that’s exactly how I would enjoy the sun, big hat, long sleeves, lots of sunscreen. It’s a common misconception that vampires don’t age, they just take good care of their skin;)

    1. I guess the great thing about living in the UK is ruins by the beach. I really don't think the British and Eurpean appreciated their historical ruins as much as New worlders do.

      Yeap, totally agree my partner a vampire he swears by not leaving house after dark and keeping the curtains shut. Generally, I'm getting ever more concerned about my skin condition. It's not too bad. I would like to prevent the aging process as much as possible.

  3. I love the area! Gorgeous pictures! You look so adorable in the water!

    1. Thanks it's such a beautiful place to walk.


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