Saturday, 28 April 2018

My Recommendations For Blog Reading

I'm always searching for new blogs to read and follow. Especially with more bloggers, ceasing to update or who have left blogging completely. Often, I feel as though there is a gap left in my reading. I miss the excitement of checking the latest blog post.  Over the last few months,  I have found some fantastic blogs that have helped fill the gap. I  usually prefer alt, and goth based blogs, however, I have never discounted a blog if it doesn't meet that niche, so long as they cover crafting, DIY and thrifting.

After spending many an insomniac nights scrolling through numerous of blogs; I've noticed many blogs try to create a highly polished finish and professional aesthetic, especially in regards to their photography. (A  part of me loves the immaculate photo and its something I want wish to emulate.   
However, I find a lot of mainstream blogs, rather tan alt/ goth blogs, blogs feel somewhat false, boring with a lack of creativity, the blogger comes across as having either no personality or has the same mundane style that every other wannabe professional blogger wants to fit the commercialised template for success. At times I feel a lot of mainstream blogs can  feel underhand as there some sort of advertisment agend or even worse mainstream blog attempting to pose as alt blogs, obviously they're not.   At times they always feel underhanded with some sort of advertisement agenda to promote.

 I'm a warts and all person who rather read the less stylish blog where the person couldn't care less about the overall finish of their blog;  They simply enjoy the process of blogging and sharing their experiences. I want to feel the person is tangible, and the blog represents them as a person and not just the blogger personality they trying to project.  

Below some the new blog to check out. Especially with the dwindling number of goth and alt bloggers, I feel strongly it's important to support each other either by following, leaving the odd comment or just reading to keep the alt blogger sphere continuing. 

App'y Talk

I always love finding blogs that are from the North England, especially if the post is about the alternative and goth scene. As I feel the North is often overlooked and nice to see some other goths/alts sharing their experiences. I think a number of people who follow my blog follow him. I found this elder goth from Yorkshire after reading his review after Gothzilla shared his post on Facebook. I love reading about his adventures around the North and sharing his experiences following the local gig scene.

Beth Von Black.

Beth a 30 something gothic femme fatal who shares all with her open in-depth posts in a no-nonsense style.   I love her realism that she discusses everything from a career as a  vintage fashion model, her daily challenges living with her disability, Victorian house renovations and her journey.  Her blog for me is so relatable as I'm no way glamour pus as I now verge on 30, an owner of the Victorian terrace, travel enthusiast it just appeals to me.

Creepy Ghoulie's Guide to Thrifty Gothic Homemaking

This isn't a recent find, but I had to mention it as my favourite blogs are about a creativity of gothic home decor. It's as stated about achieving an elegant gothic manor on snake bite budget, through DIY, second-hand thrifts and copious amounts of black paint.

Dark Moon Manor

Ivy a 30 something old goth who blogs about her goth cultural, music, and fashion. I just love reading her blog it so enjoyable and offers some great advice, especially when you're a soon to be a goth of certain age ( me grumbling).  Her advice is invaluable, sadly she not posted anything in while finger crossed she'll be back soon.

Queen of Bats 

I found this blog back in December. I absolutely love this blog it covers all my favourites goth lifestyle, DIY, crafting and sewing it's such a fantastic blog to follow. My favourite post is Bats in the Kitchen was her crochet bat net for the kitchen, which has inspired to learn how to crochet again.

Burials and Beyond 

I found this blog via Instagramers I follower, @allmyownteeth, she has the most beautiful gothic style. I've noticed she started her own blog. It explores macabre cultural with her posts exploring history, places of interests, folklore, cemeteries and other curious interests.  I love the informative researched posts which are presented in an accessible academic way for a layperson like myself.


A Greek Blogger who focuses on gothic fashion and explores issues within the goth and alt' community. She works as both a freelance writer and alt' beauty blogger produces who produces beautifully choreographed outfit photographs. Simulatarioulsy, I love how she always breaks the illusionary with an honest reality in fantastically written posts. It's so refreshing to  read well-executed posts that offer a tangible insight into the alt fashion. 

Belle Out Of Hell 

The self-proclaimed  Corporate gipsy by day and a glitter goth by night; the  Anglo-French blogger explores the goth and alt scene in London and all it has to offer. The blog also delves into her alt perspective on lifestyle, travel and personal anecdotes that offer a take no bull crap life advice.  My favourite has to be with each post accompanied is great outfit segments; that is composed of charity shop chic,  high street hidden gems to more goth/ alt brand that create her unique goth metal style.

Life Update.

Hi, it's been a very long hiatus, not to say the least. Since my last post, a lot happened in October. I had a death in the family ...