Monday, 26 March 2018

Madewell Goth the Illusionary Subcultural

A friend of mine had shared an article shared by Cemetery Confessions, 'Made Well Goth', which has self-proclaimed a barrage of hate over Twitter. A response from a member of the gothqusision Zaquary from Living the Strange. 

I fancied writing my own perspective on the article. I feel Zachary's is far more superior in addressing the issues with the article.

I don't always agree with the views of both the gothqusision or even Zachary.I agree with Zachary on this topic. I despise goth being used without people fully researching and understanding what the subcultural is about. I partially dislike the miss use of the word goth for increasing sales and exploiting new customers. I feel its laziness and a lack of creativity from the marketing department. Personally, I believe it can create confusion and contention for those new to the goth Especially when they're trying to explore and develop their own identity.

Originally when reading this I thought Made Well goth was a fashion concept of a small demographic or social media micro fashion, that's my dyslexic minds work. I love how  Meagan Fredette describes the new fashion concept as inspired from Patti Smith's New York punk style, and the takes simpcity to nu-goth to create a modern take on corp goth reflecting the changing casual work environment. 

I was incredibly disappointed after seeing the "Madewell Goth" aesthetic it looked as though it clothing that's been donned by hipsters for the last decade. There is nothing gothic, unique, original or even influenced by Patti Smith's style. It was more 

 This article has focused more on the goth aesthetic with its research extending to Wikipedia and Tumbler. There is no reference to the music, not even to one of the main five goth bands. With a myriad of online resources, it's not difficult to access this information. I feel this article is a reflection of lazy journalism that is prevalent on social media, offering nothing of substance.

The introduction is accurate as in the Goth scene has thrived for over 40 years. Goth fashion is robustly adaptable and often reflects the darker aspects of contemporary times; while taking inspiration from historical eras. However, the introduction offers nothing original and uses the same cliche introduction found in every goth related article. 

 I liked her references to the present tribulation of President Trump's ability to create intentional turmoil.  Younger generations struggle to earn a livable wage.  It highlights Fredette has a vague understanding of goth's nature to embrace the darker aspects of life. 

Throughout the article, Fredette used generalised statements that feel both insulting and patronising to the reader; both to goths and millennials.  For example, "Fashion goths who worship at the altar of Rick Owens, and your garden-variety Tumblr goth, who wears oversized t-shirts covered in pentacles and has mint green hair. It's a nearly 40-year-old subculture that stubbornly refuses to die ".

It makes all goths sound like we're fashion-obsessed addicts ogling the latest trends on tumbler with no sense of individual taste or style. She demonstrates the lack of understanding that goth style differentiates according to individual interruption. We worship gothic branded designer Rick Owens. I never heard of this designer maybes an American thing. Either way, it furthers the writer's lack of understanding and research of goth. From my perspective, Goth aesthetic  inspiration and definitely more likely to worship at the alters of Siouxsie Sioux, Robert Smith, Andrew Eldritch, David Bowie or Adam Ant. (I know the last two names aren't goth, however, the styles did influence the early post-punk and new romantic movements, which later developed into the goth scene). Fredette has clearly missed that Goth was a music movement that was a reaction to their frustrations with society during the late 70's and early 80s. Fredette's portraits goth is about looking dark and edgy intern it may be a consequence. but it's never been the focal point.  

If  Fredette was focusing of the fashion aesthetic of goth, I would prefer if she referenced Alexander McQueen; has had far more influence in terms of gothic aesthetic and has gained admiration from some within the scene. I'm surprised she hasn't mentioned goth brands like Kill Star and Punk Wave, which seem to the most popular. Then again, the writers trying to hype the Madewell brand. 

With statements like "too tired, stressed-out millennials who don't want to change outfits to go to a DIY show after work... Madewell goths are too overworked to think about their wardrobe,". I actually found this hilious but insulting feels the writer stating generally millennials can barely cope with life. The stress of choosing between jersey top or blouse cause so much stress it sends the person into a catatonic stupider. We're all such snowflakes and unable to cope. Personally, if I'm this stressed, I usually stay in my pyjamas or grab a black t-shirt, leggings and docs. 

I feel carries it the writer is subtly emphasizing the stereotype that all goths have some mental issue and can't cope with life. I feel this is a dangerous as reinforces the mainstream stereotypes goths tend to be depressed, suicidal and self-harm. The writer has appeared to have no association and experience of the subcultural. I personally feel, she shouldn't be writing about goths being stressed, even if its a marketing ploy.

I hate how the Fredette has written for the emotionally vulnerable "Madewell goths" who can't even deal with the simplest of daily living task salvation is heavily dependant on purchasing this overpriced brand. Ultimately, Madewell goth is the United States' unique response to collective trauma, without the emotional energy for flashy displays of rebellion." It represents the article attempts sound goth as both edgy and melancholic with use of dark words.It fails throughout the article and comes across as pretentious and insulting to the reader. The brand is more orientated those particular people who have more money than who fall for the market ploy of using edgy words like "goth ".  The Madewell Goth feel like the similar situation of health goth was it about marketing to increase revenue and expose the brand to new demographics.

 I hate the whole idea if you add goth to something its goth. NO,  it's not goth, is more complex then wearing some black. It's about just about donning bloody black but listening and appreciating gothic rock in order to cope with life in a healthy manner by embracing the darkest side of life as well as the lighter sides. Its also about going against society's mainstream values by making fully informed decisions and opinions, rather than just face valued facts. 


  1. haha i was going to write about this. Those looks were so terrible and definitely not goth...cream trousers and a blazer will never be goth ever. What are they even doing. and the crazy thing is, there are plenty of "mainstream" goth styles--nugoth, health goth, h&m looks. Those looks look like literally every normal person on this earth. ugh!

    1. I think you should write a response. I really think a lot people don't understand what goth actually is they feel they can use the word to sound edgy to sell a load of crap no body would actually purchase.

  2. That article was total bullshit. I was only able to get through half of it. Ended up just skimming the rest.

    1. I totally agree it had nothing to offer of any value. I felt it was load of logorrhea
      I even wonder why I wrote post in response to it.

  3. Legit thought this article was a joke meant to stir the proverbial pot.
    It's literally business casual with a nostalgic mainstream 90's business formal twist. Zero goth, all corporate dookie.

    1. I totally agree I'm even wandering why I wrote a response to it now. I guess it's what I felt like doing at two in the morning. After reading I thought it was all about making money with useless clothes that looks like reharsheds. hipster 90s style.

  4. I agree. There's nothing Goth about those looks. How disappointing.

    I have a new drop by and say hello xx

    1. I know.

      Anyway that sounds great. I make sure to check out your new blog.

  5. Firstly I totally agree with your analysis. I’m often tempted to weigh in on stuff like this but ‘usually’ resist the bait. I tend to feel that trying to explain what is Goth or not for the benefit of people who just don’t get it is an exercise in futility as no amount of explanation is going to make them get it, they need to live it first in any of the many diverse ways of the Goth culture. And No this is not even remotely Goth as in the saying ‘You’re not Goth just because you’re wearing black’.

    Dead-Old-Goth Chris.

    1. I wish more people would in manner that's not shout, shout or ranty but in well informed and rational way. I know this what is goth debate is contentious at times. I agree sometimes it is useless trying explain people who aren't willing to understand it. I agree you need live it and it can take time to understand the general concensus of goth. Then you have the individual interruption of goth. It just gets so complex. Thanks commenting.

  6. I hate it when mainstream capitalism tries to hijack a grassroots movement, brand it, and market it. Some old fat white guy in a board room doesn't get to define goth.

    1. Definitely, goth should be defined by those who are apart and participate in the culture, not the corporations.

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  8. Ugh, I'm so sick of this younger millennial insistence that they have it so much worse. No, in the 90s and early 00s we didn't have infinite money for going out, couldn't afford to live alone, worked long hours in awful service jobs too, there was no widespread internet smartphones netflix, you had to physically buy all of your music books videos instead of having all the entertainment you could ever want at the click of a button so that there's no incentive to go out and socialise, consumer goods were more expensive and much less varied particularly clothes, fast fashion as we know it now hadn't yet begun (and there are ethical problems with that whole industry, I know). The main problem is housing costs and that's mostly if you're living in London, to be honest. Most of these kids are whiny middle class brats who can't afford to maintain as adults the pampered lifestyles they were brought up with.

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