Sunday, 24 December 2017

Merry Christmas

I thought I would share a Merry Christmas greetings to my blog presently it I'm in bed having an early night as I'm working all Christmas its healthcare you get used it. 

All I wanted to say, I've met some wonderful people during over blogosphere and despite not meeting in person or me communicating over FB messenger, seriously rubbish at keeping contact with people. Either way, your support and comments and interaction mean a lot to me I'm just crap as saying it. So, I'm now. The community means a lot to me if I have a rubbish day at work,  your comments help me turn it around on my break. It makes worth me blogging from the exchange of idea, stories and experiences, it helps, me to realise I'm not alone. There a big vast world out there. It just the community has meant a lot to me. I would like to thank you to everyone who read my blog and comment or just likes looking at it. 

I hope you wonderful and awesome people have happy and safe Christmas, Yuletide or festive time and to spread a bit of our positivity out into the real world. Take care big hugs to everyone out there. I look forward reading your blogs soon. 

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Friday, 22 December 2017

Paint It Black; Beside drawers.

I've been upcycling some drawers.  I purchased them last year, originally they were meant for my bedroom but the drawers were too wide. I was planning to get rid of them and I popped them in my guest room for time being. I was planning on purchasing something new and the boyfriend suggested upcycling them. The drawers are decent quality and make of solid wood.

Originally, they painted a duck egg blue-grey with chalk paint hadn't been waxed. I forgot to take a picture, doh, I'm getting worse for not taking a photo. I love the bottom round bottoms of the drawers. I lightly hand sanded using p100 grit sandpaper and I washed the cabinets down with a damp cloth soaked in soap.

I found the gorgeous rose appliques on eBay a while ago, I ordered two with intention of using them on the drawers at some point. 

I glued down using PVA glue and a clamp to keep it place. 

I painted with a coat of Wilkinson furniture primer it dries within 30 minutes. 

I was feeling lazy and I used spray Wilko's Satin spray paint. However, I wouldn't recommend this method as its some of the areas are a bit patchy. Honestly, I think they look far better than they did and there only for the guest bedroom, and we're not planning to have too many guests. 

To complement my wardrobe and natural theme in the guest bedroom.

 I stencilled the front drawers in white using a floral stencil. I used the same stencil on my dressing table.  I stippled using a stencil paintbrush as I find the method easier and most effective. There are no right or wrong methods for stencilling its all down to personal preference. 

The handles I purchased from Home Bargains one pair for £1.99 I liked the white and silver contrast.  I love the silver filigree detail. 

The final reveal. 

Saturday, 16 December 2017

DIY; Floral Headdress

So at the moment, I'm loving the whole sort age of  Aquarius vibes with the bohemian and hippy fashion taking precedence. In both alt and mainstream fashion headdresses seam to be everywhere. I've sort have been admiring this trend from afar.

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Evil Queen Horns Beads & Black Roses Headband by Restyle

Black Sailing Ship Fascinator by RQBL

 There are some gorgeous headdresses to buy.  Yet, the cost is anywhere from a few pounds to more elaborate handcrafted ones going to the hundreads. Its out of  my budget at the moment, espcially since I want my craft room decorated. Anyway, I admire and respect these independent artisans who are creating beautiful items, however, I understand their prices needs to reflects their labour, time and materials. I try my best to purchase from independent sellers, presently my budget is the quite tight so it's going on my wish list..

So, I decided to diy one a  floral headdress with the assistance of Angela Benedict tutorial on how to create a floral headdress. The video was really good for instructions. I've tried to explain to my best of my ability. If you like me sometimes a visual Youtube video is far more effective. I'm too lazy and tired to make my own.  

I purchased a headband for 30p from Home bargains, I picked up another  two for another project.   I had some black faux flowers from a cheap shop for a pound and some gorgeous green leaf trim from Tiger, I love this shops. All materials came to £2.30 and a couple of blisters.  I used a glue gun. I got mine from Asda for £5 - £6 and refills are 60p ( from Asda). 

I measured the trim by placing around my headband to get the right size and cut it.

I used the hot glue gun to glue down the ribbon every few centresmetres. I left it to dry. 


I started in the middle and glued the rose onto the band at a slight angle to allow for maximum hold. Before glueing down each rose I positioned the rose to get the right appearance before glueing it down once I was happy I placed a blob of glue place it on to the band, I held the rose on the band for 10 seconds and allowed to dry. In place, 

I add an extra few dobs of glue to the rose to help stabilise flowers. 

There was a few gab so I filled these with the black leaves to hide the wholes I glue these down. 

I wasn't happy with how messy the back of the headdress looked, so I  hand sewed all the petals together to hid the glue dobs. 

 Warning be careful while using the glue gun I got blisters.

This is the final reveal. 

I wore this out last month when the boyfriend and I went to Castle Noir. I got some lovely compliments about my headdress. I forgot to take photos as I was feeling ill and looked like death. It was a good night.    

Saturday, 2 December 2017

GIY Craft Along: My favourite sewing pattern

This months brief from Bane at Goth It Yourself. It's about favourites, so my favourite activity is sewing. I tend to use the same sewing patterns over and over again, Over a couple of years, my taste in clothing has changed where I've found I tend to prefer wearing knee length skirts and in a simple a nu-goth style or least my interruption of it. 

This has been my favourite skirt pattern. The flouncy bouncy skirt, which was a free pdf sewing pattern. I love this sewing pattern it's so complimentary to my shape and I think, I've made at least six to seven skirts in the last two years. It such an easy pattern to sew, even  for newbies it literally a yoke and to half circle patterns. 
This skirt goes straight to the top of my summer sewing list!  The cotton jersey is great, but I LOVE the drape in the ITY knit version.


Another thing, I love about these skirts they are relative cheap to make as it only requires about a metre of fabric. If the one thing I love its a bargain  I included pictures of the skirts and me wearing them to show what they look like. 

This was the first skirt I ever made using this pattern cost £2. It embossed rose pattern looks like PVC but its actually lycra. 

I've actually sewn and resewn this skirt several times and I wasn't happy with the yoke.  I'm still not quite happy with the yoke.  I'd  rather have the matching fabric but dint; have enough. When I wear it, nobodies going to see the Yoke I love the fabric it reminds of Victorian church tiles.

The fabric was such a bargain and was a great find from an Asian fabric store in Bradford. it was only t£3 pound a metre and sits fantastically. 

This is upholstery fabric, it looks like a snakeskin it sits really well I love the stiffness of the fabric. this another bargain at £2 per metre. 

I think this one is my favourite. For the yoke, I used upholstery velvet someone placed in the bin at sewing class. I used the half circle skirt with fabric from Malta. I used trim I had for years I love the contrast between the fabric. 

This is my latest skirt I made this month . I used a swirly  scuba fabric coast £4 per metre 

Life Update.

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