Sunday, 11 June 2017

Makeup Box Makeover

Since my eyeshadows collection is expanding my dressing table has limited storage space, so I purchased a  wooden box to store it; I purchased it from the Works for £4, but it was looking a bit bland, 

My  growing collection of eyes shadows 

I primed and spray painted the bottom edge black and interior  

For the top part,  I used some old wrapping paper from when my dressing table drawers 

I used pvc glue to stick the paper to the lid. I moulded the paper to box lid and cutting the corner of the paper at corners. I trimmed the edges using a stanley knife.  I forgot to take photos. 

I didn't have enough paper to cover it the front so I  used electrical tape and some decorative tape at the front of a box . I used lacquer to protect the box and it'll make it easier to clean. 

I love the final result of my make-up box. 


  1. It's perfect! Great idea about using electrical tape too ... it will make it easy to wipe off. :)

  2. Thanks. I love using duct tape or electrical tape as can create a great finish.

  3. You are so creative Sarah! I love your makeup box! Big Hugs!

    1. Big hugs, thanks you that so sweet of you to say.

  4. Very cute and goth! <3 You inspire me to make more DIY myself. :)

    1. Thanks that really nice of you to say. I do like Diy projects lol and sharing them.


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