Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Goth It Yourself DIY: The Fallen Cherubs

This month crafting theme this Month It takes two from Bane at Goth It Yourself.  It is about either crafting or upcycling in two's or in a pairs. 

This month's project is a spray paint makeover of two cherubs I found in Poundland. I've been trying out the cheap car spray paint and surprisingly, so far it's worked amazingly. 

I used a grey primer that turned them into the unholy offspring of the Angels from Dr Who, I was planning to keep them grey.  

 I sprayed painted them satin black in the end, 

I think my concept was based on when Lucifer rebelled against God and his supporter angels were thrown from heaven and cast into hell. I think the cherubs look as they were part of Lucifiers army and the angel candle look as though it depicts the tale. 

Above I have a picture of cherubs that look as though they are mourning for the fallen cherubs.


Sunday, 11 June 2017

Makeup Box Makeover

Since my eyeshadows collection is expanding my dressing table has limited storage space, so I purchased a  wooden box to store it; I purchased it from the Works for £4, but it was looking a bit bland, 

My  growing collection of eyes shadows 

I primed and spray painted the bottom edge black and interior  

For the top part,  I used some old wrapping paper from when my dressing table drawers 

I used pvc glue to stick the paper to the lid. I moulded the paper to box lid and cutting the corner of the paper at corners. I trimmed the edges using a stanley knife.  I forgot to take photos. 

I didn't have enough paper to cover it the front so I  used electrical tape and some decorative tape at the front of a box . I used lacquer to protect the box and it'll make it easier to clean. 

I love the final result of my make-up box. 

Friday, 2 June 2017

Repurposed Dressing Table

Bane's Crafty Month theme is repurposing by something old into something new or using a whole new purpose. 

This has to be my favourite theme, so far as I love repurposing anything and everything; Bane is definitely my source for inspiration. Not forgetting Pinterest.  

At the beginning of the month, I've had a number of projects that I have completed and the main thing is reorganising my dressing table in the bathroom, which the epitome of repurposed items.

I have hade my glass table for a few years; it from Ikea and is great being repurposed as a dressing table. 

I purchased this for a pound in a charity shop it's a meant to be a glass chopping board but I used reused on my dressing table. I got the idea from Bane. 

My mirror was secondhand from Gumtree and I paid a fiver for it I loved the ornate detail of it with flowers. 

Most of this is my second-hand finds except for my box cotton wool box is from eBay 

Last year, I bought these bathroom accessories for less than a pound and I spray painted them black. I use them for my makeup sponges and ear buds to clean up my eyeliner. 

I purchased two bottles for sauces or oil olive and I loved the beautiful floral decoration on the bottle and used for my micellar water. 

I purchased a glass tray from the local community shop with other glassware, it was pretty cool. 

I've been debating to spray painted black I finally give in and painted black. by washing it, priming it, and spray painting it black. to protect the painted surface with sticky back plastic.

I love the final result. 

Life Update.

Hi, it's been a very long hiatus, not to say the least. Since my last post, a lot happened in October. I had a death in the family ...