Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Happy World Goth Day - How I Spent My Day

Well, it' was the 22nd of May and that means it's world Goth Day, a day for us darkly clad and inclined people to celebrate and acknowledge our scene. I contemplate sometimes in the fledging days of the post-punk movement whether people would realise that there would be a day dedicated to them. As my partner shares his perspective, and states, "we didn't realise what it would morph into it was just something we did by listening to great music and just enjoying ourselves with a drink.

World Goth day was formed by DJ Cruel Britannia and  Martin Oldgoth after a yearning to listen to BBC Radio 6 subcultural weekend featuring various punk, Brit-pop and Goth music. The Goth feature was on the 22nd May, it became Goth Day in the UK and the next year it was promoted on globally and become World Goth Day. The whole concept was about why the heck not; after years of people being either being pressured by their family, society to conform or harassed. If anyone deserves a day of recognition it's definitely us. 

How does one celebrate World Goth Day? Well, it's all left up to the individual preferences and interruption, ambiguous but hey the Goth scene it's mainly based on our perspective. You cam simply listen to music, don our most elegant goth clothing, dance around your bedroom,  with you like Sisters of Mercy Dominion going through your head including the epic saxophone solo, go the pub with friends for a pint or have a cuppa and reflect. Even postpone it until the weekend attends your local Goth night. I know the boyfriend  and me will be attending the debut of Noir Castle organised by infamous Tim Sinister

For me, I haven't really even attempted to celebrate World Goth Day. Shock horror and few swoons. I am useless at celebrating anything, not even my own birthday. Sometimes it's great to break from traditions yesterday since I am on in Brighton, I am not checking or reading many social media so I read a couple of various articles. 

 In the morning I got ready applying three types eyeliner and dousing myself in fifty factor. While I waiting for the vampire (the boyfriend) to rise I decided to have a cuppa and I watched Howl'ss Moving Castle.

We went for breakfast at the quaint and quirky lovely with a little cafe that offers all the charm, Brighton and  Hove. .The interior has a warm and relaxing atmosphere which reflected in their whimsical wallpaper but simple decor.With lovely and cordial staff willing caters to our caffeine withdrawal needs with a splendidly smooth latte and charming breakfast of scrambled eggs with salmon, energising me for the day.

We sauntered around enjoying the sunshine, well I did, while the boyfriend hid in the shade making mental note of interesting pubs and bars. We stopped off for a drink at 12 in the afternoon I had a half a pint of Orchid Pig - chilli and ginger cider. I rarely drink this early I think it's Brighton's sunny atmosphere. We departed our ways him to the conference. 

I spent most of the time shopping, not very exciting actually it was spent searching for fabric to make clothing, I spent way too much. I went venturing through the lanes looking to through the second-hand tat, the weird and wonderful trinket. I spend most my afternoon in the infamous North Lanes and on Kensington Square raiding in the unique, weird and just what the shop searching for unique treasures (tat in my case ).   

I went to my favourite shop in Brighton Snoopers Corner, or I nickname the vintage supper market, which galore of treasures, which extends far as I can. I tend to find all my goodies.I love these odds and sods shop they seem to be a dying breed in Newcastle but thriving in Brighton and the prices are so reasonable.  

More Vintage lace and a  Victorian image of a bat. 

Charity shop finds 

I found 1930's blouse that slight tight so I am going to let out the seams

This really odd skirt with a scalloped edge and braiding. One the buttons were missing, so I got a pound off. 

I was on the hunt for the novel Goth Latte, just for the pure novelty value and it's appropriate with it being World Goth Day. Personally, it's more of a Geordie Latte as they resemble more of the Newcastle's football teams colours.I was surprised to not find a black and white or a Geordie latte, especially as Brighton is renowned for the unique and specist coffee culture wit rows of a unique coffee shop and nowhere sold them. Despite the enthusiasm of the barista's I showed, who seem to very excited by the concept. 

The closest thing I found was a charcoal almond milk I got warmed up. I went sit on Brighton beach to take a selfie with my drink. I got this from a coffee shop called Junk 42, which will be selling within the next couple of weeks. 

My honest opinion,  "I Just drank almond charcoal milk and that tastes vile all I can taste is charcoal grains mix almonds.lmonds. I will never drink this again. Seriously, I am still tasting charcoal and almond grains in my mouth. For novelty was fun next time I'll settle with oreoo cookies icecream.Either way, I had fun day tried something new and spent rest the evening with the boyfriend and having bizarre philosophical discussions. At one point even discussing the rise mordent paganism in Brighton, I love these odd dicussions. 

 I hope everybody had a great day. 


  1. Sounds like a fun day, well spent! I'm hitting the thrift shops tomorrow myself to see what I can find by way of treasure.

  2. I hate going into normal shops but I love going into thrift shops and vintage shops. There so much fun discovering something.

  3. I love old style plant and animal illustrations like that! I want a lot of them on my walls!

    1. I like old style Biological images from the 19th century books in themselves they beautiful pieces of artistry. I think the bat was from 1880's same decade as my house was built. lol

  4. Oh, that Snooper's shoppe looks like just my kind of store! A great day other than the latte, which even looks vile. I'm not sure I would have been able to even swallow it. lol

    1. The latte was more warmed charcoal and almond milk, all I can say is never, ever ever again and advise people to do the same. I wanted just for the novelty value. I sticking to regular lattes and find Oreo flavoured ice cream next time.

      Snooper Paradise is may favourite place and love shops like these full of wonderful and weird and what the items. Suprisingly everything is reasonably priced. As most of the odd and weird shop have almost vanished from the local area. Or the odd shops tend to increadbly overpriced for items. I've spent way too much this trip. I'll not making anymore purchases for a while.

  5. What a fantastic day Sarah! I wish I could have been with you! So much fun! Sorry about the charcoal! Big Hugs!

    1. Thanks Big hugs back. All I know is never again no more charcoal base anything
      lol.Anyway it would been fun with a bit of company no matter what I still enjoyed the day.


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