Sunday, 16 April 2017

Life Update.

It's been pretty quieter over here in my little corner of Blogosphere, I haven't left blogging or intend to leave. Life has been busy busy, and I have lost my mojo and inspiration to write.  I thought I would do a life update post includes everything I've wanted to write about.

General life

About a month ago, I've started doing a teacher course for the long learning sector, which has occupied most my time and energy. There is a local community organisation who seem to be excellent at finding funding and asked if  I wanted to do the course, so I agreed not realising the full implications. So far, I've found the course difficult and struggling to understand the concepts; The combination, the course criteria being ambiguous, my dyslexia affecting my processing abilities and me overlooking into much depth.  My tutor has commented on my personal qualities seem ideal to be a tutor and seem a decent standard of course work. So, we'll see what happens I may consider becoming a tutor.

I've said bye bye to Sunderland Rd Library. The library has closed down and my last day was on the 31st of March, everybody knew this was coming; it's sadly the consequence of Government's cuts in funding. I'm nostalgic about the library and will miss it along with silly red hippo and a tatty teddy bear in the kid's sections. I pleased to say both have found good homes.

 I am also pragmatic we knew it was coming just before for Christmas and everybody agreed to close at the financial seemed the best time. Service users have dramatically dropped with within the last year and some shifts we have only one or two people attending. Personally, I feel as though the Library has become a burden since  I walked three miles and with often nothing to do. I miss working with the other volunteers, as I loved the Friday shift volunteers and the interesting conversations with customers. We had a fair well party for the loyal supporters and the volunteers, lovely to see so many people show their appreciation. The Friday volunteers all went out to the pub for a final celebration. 

Teddy had a good time but partied too hard. 

My last photo of the library.
Volunteering Crafting Workshops.

I have been facilitating craft workshop at a local community centre. The first session I planned to upcycle old jars and everyone loved the first session. For an example, I made butterfly bell jar My first attempt was based on the recent trend for bell jars where I used an old jar, some sticks and butterflies. 

Image may contain: plant and indoor

These some of the crafting products produced.  


However, my second workshop was making paper flowers this one didn't work out very well after discussing with the organisers of the centre, they said it could have been for various reasons. I've decided not to do this one again. So my next workshop is in May. I am going to ask what people want to do. 


Well, I knew  I would fall flat on my face avoiding charity shops, to be honest, I haven't been shopping as much. I am now going visiting between once to twice a week, this may sound like a lot but I used to go in at least serval times a week,. Recently, I've had some amazing finds that I couldn't resist them.

I was so happy to find this blouse, as I 've been searching for one like it for a while.  I paid £3.50, I think it was slightly overpriced since it was a Primark top, but still bought it.  

This is the most recent find, at the moment, I am in love with buttoned up blouses and I've been searching for a few this was my latest find for £3.50. 

I found this amazing skirt it has three layers of mesh. It has the fifties and lolita vibes to it so I could not resist it.  The skirt is actually a size 16, but fits quite well on my hips, due to its construction it would be a nightmare to take in. For, £3 I am defiantly not complaining. 

I found this style bag it reminded me of Mary Poppin's carpet bag and I love the fabric and print, even if it's gold, but it's more of a brassy colour than gold, I paid for £4.50.  

I found two retro sewing patterns I think both are the seventies. At the moment, I am loving the whole seventies fashions of pussy bow blouse and bishop style sleeves, without the garish seventies colour or patterns. Looking at the size I need to enlarge the patterns.  


The dress, I recently was sewn, it seems not to be as fitted.  This is with fault on the sewing pattern I used Simplicity  6323. Also, the shoulder seams don't lay flat and seem to bulge on my shoulders. I am going to wait till and asks for assistance from my sewing tutor to resolve it. I mastered a new technique with reverse applique. 

I've current making a top and using an old sewing pattern,

I got inspiration to make from this top  I intend to make with a double flounce cuff.  

Lola Loves Peach And Black Top With Ruffle Sleeves Medium | eBay:


I found a chair in my back lanes, I thought it needs a paint job and a quick reupholster but the seat base was mouldy, gross I know. I need a new base since the straps have seen better days. I need to get some thick plyboard or wood create a steady seat base and form to recover; it's a bigger job than anticipated but doable for my limited Diy skills. This my project so far. 



  1. Oh, I remember Simplicity sewing patterns from the 1970s . . . I think I used one once to make a skirt in 4-H sewing class. Although actually, that would have been in the late 1960s, now that I think of it.

  2. Wow, that sounds really interesting, I was only born in 1988 but I like the seventies style clothing, but not the garish clash of yellow, browns and oranges. Lol

  3. I still have some of the patterns from the very first things I ever sewed (almost 48 years ago!) Lots of gathers and puffed sleeves. It cracks me up to look at them now.

    Shame about the library closing. I guess most people don't use them anymore now that a person can find out everything they need to know from their phone. :P

  4. Wow, that sounds amazing sewing patterns from nearly 50 years wow. Lol. I think in a past life I was a live in 60s and 70s with love of bell sleves and afghan coats lol.

    Sadly, in the UK libraries are declining pretty rapaidly, I think it is simply the mobiles are to blame.
    Also, I don't think kids read as much compare to the older generation. For example I never read as much as my partner who is 50 he read from an very early age.

  5. You've had lots going on! Facilitating craft workshops sounds like fun. :)

    I sewed a tunic from New Look 6323 and was disappointed in the fit. I can never get set-in sleeves to fit properly.

    1. It's been really fun organising the craft workshops and people who have attend have preferred them.

      I really like the 6323, I am glad you have highlighted the selves and fit are crap. For the tunic if I wear a waist belt it help make it with the fit.

  6. You've been so busy, I hope you were also having a good time! :) I too have used some time sewing and noticed that it is rather expensive since one needs to buy all that fabric. >_> and since I am not yet very good at sewing my first attempts to make a shirt are not very successful. :D

    1. Yeap, it has been busy and enjoyed some part of it and not so much. That sounds cool your learning to sew good luck. Sadly, it can be expensive learning to sew but it's a skill worth having though. It also depends where you source your fabric there is a market where I can purchase fabric for £2 a metre. I am not sure what it's like in Finland I had friend who lived their for a few years and said was extremely expensive.

  7. You have been busy girl!! Sorry about the library! Give teddy a hug from me! LOL! My mom is the sewer in the house! I remember the Simplicity patterns!! Great finds with your clothing! The chair is looking excellent! Good luck with your crafting work shops! Big Hugs!

    1. It's shame about the library, but I am realistic about it. The teddy went ot another volunteer fortunately or he of would came home with me. lol I am hoping to have the chair finished at some point.

  8. I'm so sorry about the library! Makes me mad when people don't appreciate them! The craft workshop looks great!

    1. It's a shame but the consequences of the Conservative austerity measures with reductions of the local spending. There have been a reduction in the people suing the library so it's happened.

      They have been good I have think it's going to turn into more drop in session that rather than me facilitating but my aim was to get a craft interest group started and it is so that's good. We'll see how things progresses.

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