Friday, 28 April 2017

Catching up, Coffee and Steam Punk

Last Month, I met up with Jane aka Breaking the Angel. We have been promising to meet up for ages but life gets in the way. Jane suggested meeting up at the Discovery Museum, so I could finally see their Steam Punk exhibition.

Both of us donned with black high neck collars, looking very demure, I guess great minds think alike. It was so lovely seeing Jane again, I adore meeting with her for a coffee, it alway great conversations, great company and a fellow goth gal, a rarity in both my area and life.

I commented on her last post about wanting to see the Steam Punk exhibition she offered to show me the exhibition, despite previous seeing it. 

After seeing the exhibition I understand stood what she meant by her comments to me the exhibition felt disjoint and bit odd in places. For example, there was a selection of local artworks that were recreated with figures with animals head, I've seen similar pictures have become fashionable. Personally, I couldn't see the purpose of them or the reason it related to the exhibition, perhaps, I'm missing the point like usual.

I preferred the refashion exhibition where the local fashion student made original garments inspired by the Victorian meant from modern times. This exhibition was more effectively executed and organised Yet, I did have my favourites including the range of "Steam Punk and Gothic inspired outfits". The outfits ranged from the Victorian garments from the archives and modern clothing, emphasising how the Goth and Steampunk scenes take inspiration from historical costumes, particularly from the Victorian era and combining with modern day interruptions to creates the distinctive unique aesthetic.

My favourite was the beautiful morning gown, I absolutely love the floral jacquard weave, I was almost ready to steal this off the model,

Jane's favourite was the purple outfit; I 've got to admit this was probably my second favourite outfit, I do love purple.  To me the outfit look like more of day outfit to take high tea in. 

I don't think this exhibition was best or most well-executed exhibition to Steam Punk or Gothic Cultural it felt rather disorganised and sporadic.However, I do admire and appreciate their attempts at celebrating Steam Punk and their nod to the Goth cultural. I think it was a nice little exhibit to look through and I've been enjoying their refashion series. It's a lovely gesture of Northumbrian   University students and the Discovery Musem collaborations creatung a small tribute to alternative cultural.

We had a quick browse, we went for a browsing and ogling the Victorian costumes, along with the black beaded jewellery.

I was incredibly surprised to find the Enigma machine on display.  I haven't seen much advertisment for it. When Jane showed it me I was in complete awe to see this piece of history. This strange looking contraption looks as though it should have been included in the Steam Punk Exhibition. It's actually, part of the reason the Allies won the War against the Nazi's saving numerous of lives. Through an array of British code breakers deciphering the German signals and intercepting their communications. The British Government established Ultra Intelligence at Belchy Park, they recruited Manhattan's and general problem solvers. The most infamous were Alan Turning, now, hailed as the Grandfather of Morden Computing' and the boyfriend's personal hero. Turning built the "electromechanical machine" supercomputer of its day known as the "Bombe" the purpose was meant to break the Enigma code far quickly. 

We grabbed some lunch and a coffee to have a good chat to catch up, we both order a couple of cheese toasties.

We decided to pose for a couple of fun photographs. I love the style of Janes dress and the ruffle collor and buttons were so cute.


It was amazing seeing Jane and I had a fun time catching up and visiting the Steam Punk exhibition. We have planned to meet up in a couple months time. I am looking forward to it.   


  1. So cool you got to meet! Jealous! Looks like you saw some interesting stuff, even if the first exhibition wasn't so great!

    1. I guess we're extremely lucky to have two goth bloggers residing with in the country if you include the Blogging Goth that makes three lol. It was interesting from the costume point and rather lucky to have it. So, I counting my blessings. If you get to the UK your more than welcome to use the guest bedroom. Hopefully, one day. lol

  2. It was a lovely day out, great to meet up. The exhibition is an odd one - I'd love to see them do a full on show of their clothing archive as they have some lovely stuff.

    I do like that frock, has little crescent moons on the buttons.

    1. I am so happy it was. I agree with you on the exhibition was odd. But it was great seeing their Victorian garb, since it's all so beautiful.

  3. Both you girls look beautiful! Sounded like a really fun day, even though the exhibition was odd. Love seeing all the clothing! The morning gown you loved, is stunning! Wow!!! Big Hugs!

    1. Thanks that so sweet of you to say. Yeap it was a fun day it nice meeting up with friends. Big, hugs

  4. Oh, looking lovely, both of you^^
    The exhibition seems rather interesting, it must have been very atmospheric^^

    1. Thanks it was really interesting exhibition and the light was slightly muted and darkened.


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