Monday, 13 March 2017

Date Release For The Second Goth City Festival

Last year,  I attended  Leeds, Goth City Festival debut; a series of events celebrating Leeds post-punk, and gothic heritage. The festivities raised £3,500 for local charity PAFRAS. 

Well, I was absolutely ecstatic to find out a second event has been announced after the success of last year. It promises to be even "Bigger, Better and Gothier"  With the aim of the festival to become part of the UK Goth Calender

The dates have been confirmed commencing between the 5th to 21st October. City promotion stated, "We have worked to avoid any clashes with other goth events run by our colleagues." Further commenting, " It avoids a situation where some potential members of our audience may be short of money post-Whitby and pre-Xmas, and means the festival will take place in the pre-Halloween"

Goth City Promotions have pledged a new lineup of even more talented performers; consisting of the latest upcoming acts and underground acts within the alternative scence. So far, Death Party UK, The Glass House Museum and the debut of The Creeping Terrors have been confirmed. Alice Moving Under Skies are reforming for a special one off event to quick start the festivities. More information will be posted soon. 

 Following last year's format, there will be a series of events devoted to the gothic and post punk creativity and culture. 

  •  Hot Injection that will show Leeds newest talent; 
  •  Shadows of Goth, with horrifying ghost stories; 
  • A Night of Dark Arts features alternative act performing, comedies, spoken word with obtuse tunes and bit spookiness added into the mix.
  •  Black Gold the acholic free event of stalls from local craftsmen with visitors able to have a cuppa and delicious vegan cake.
  •  Gothic K.O is held on 20th and 21st will October with confirmation of bands at later date. 

For more information check out 
Goth City Website.  (Currently being  revamped)


  1. Something for you to look forward to! Only 6 months (and a bit) away!

  2. I so stoked and looking forward to it.

  3. Sounds like you are going to have an amazing time!!!

    1. Thanks that's I'm looking forward to it.

  4. Sounds fabulous. We'll be in Whitby weekend after that (though not for the festival even if it falls that weekend) so can't do 2 weeks away - but maybe next year if Bram is still sadly left in the dust.

  5. It's a good weekend. I've just seen about the Bram Festival I fancied getting a couple of tickets for me and Tez. But I've seen what's happened. A couple of our friends went last year and said how amazing it was. I think and considering about booking up for the one WGT but I might end doing that myself. I only again it depends on bands playing to see what it's all about. it would be too crowded for him.


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