Monday, 27 February 2017

Craft Along With GIY; Lap Tray Make Over with Literature and Macabre

So finally, I've got a project I can contribute to Craft Along with GIY. The theme had been to interpret the theme of crafting either with letters and numbers. This task had me a stumbling back until I thought to try something different with my current project.  

 I purchased this lap tray ages ago, with the intention of adding the goth factor to it or simply paint it black. I got this from a local brick and brac furniture shop for a pound,  surprisingly its amazing quality compared to other I've seen. I was planning to use the tray for my netbook. I've been meaning to do this for a while, but just never got around this.

I remember reading somewhere you're able to substitute acrylic paint for fabric paint. What I read,  recommends using watering down the paint with 1 part water to 9 part paint. 

Surprisingly it seemed to work, I didn't think it would work so effectively, once the paint dried the fabric became stiff and highlighted the batik pattern, it looks quite interesting.

I spray painted the sides with black gloss, I didn't bother priming the wood but cleaned the edges and left to dry.  

I had a few pages left from my book tree, and I decoupaged the tray with pages  I ripped the page up glued using a watered down glue.     

The finished effect. 

I printed a beautiful image of a skeleton and watching over a woman reading from here, so I glued down and used washy tape to neaten the edges  

I applied sticky back plastic to create a waterproof layer so it didn't damage the paper layer. 

This is the final result of my lap tray. 

Saturday, 18 February 2017

The Body Shop Blogger Event

On Thursday, I was invited to the Body Shops Blogging event at the Metro Centres. It started at six,  and I arrived surprisingly on time, considering I'm always late. I was hoping to meet up with some lovely bloggers. 

I was greeted with being introduced to my own personal assistant, who made feel very special. They showed me around and highlighted the Body Shop's latest products. My confession it's been years since I've stepped in the body shop. I remember as a child going in with Mam, and my olfactory senses being delighted by all the delicious aromas; my favourite was their strawberry soap.  Back then it had more of hippy bohemian vibes, it was like Lush of its days. Now after Years, it's transformed into a luxurious and sophisticated mini spa.  

I was offered the selection beverages everything from a girl's favourite pressco or non-acholic Elderberry bubbly.  I was shown their gorgeous fragrances, each was beautifully scented, each smell more natural and without being overpowering. My personal choice the floral scents of the Kahala white flora, it reminded me summer.


I was treated to a complimentary hand massage. They had a range of portion and lotions that scrumptious ice creams. My hands were massaged with the Mediterrian sea salt scrubs, a subtle but refreshing aroma. Next, my hands were mostited with the Atlantic Seaweed Cream, I was reminded of being at the coast. The Beauty assistant really got into their nooks and crannies leaving my hands feeling tingly; the muscles were so relaxed my hands were ready to go to sleep.

I met up with the lovely bloggers Macara for Macara's Space and Amy Louise Anchored Teapot. I haven't seen these lasses before Christmas. It's hard to believe it only feels like yesterday. The girls are definitely becoming some amazing and fun friends; every time I see them, I can't stop smiling and laughing. We had a girly catch up and gossip. As usual, the ladies turned up looking amazingly glamorous. 

Like I said before I hadn't stepped into a Body Shops store in years. I was befuddled by encountering an entirely new concept of personalising body butter. You can select a and print off a personalised sticker to place a the body butter tubs. 

 So I went first and to print out my personal stickers.  February is the month is Valentines and with the present turbulent times, it seemed only perfect to promote a little bit of peace and love. 

All of us were shown to the Body Shop latest products my favourite has to be their Liquid Peels. It comes in three options  Green Bottle - Drops of Youth, Drops of Light and the Glow Revealing Liquid Peel. I'm in absolutely in love with these products. It's meant to remove the environmental pollutants and dead skin cells. I was given sample I've used the Drop of Youth for the last couple of days and my skin feels so rejuvenated and smooth. This one is definitely one I am going to purchase.  

All the guest were treated like VIP's,  I was surprised to be even more spoilt with to a goody bag. 

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

My First Vampires Soiree: Love and My Favourite Vampires.

This is my first Vampire Soiree and anything which distracts my attention from this most hideous of days is always good.  I'm not against the celebration of love. It's one of the things I believe in the most and the transformation it has on people. During these darkest of times, it's what we needed most. I believe in love it should be celebrated throughout every second of every day and be practised throughout with the simple gestures of time, need and in compassion; rather than one day that wreaks of falseness and consumerism purchasing a rubbish card stating how much it loves you with a generic poem. It should be them small gestures of where you've had a crappy day,  and the other half smiles at you, hugs you and makes you an Earl Gray tea means far more to me than anything else.

My ramblings aside, we're here to discuss vampires. Like most of the dark of community, I've been that teenage girl, fantasising of being wooed by the  Byronic and romantic vampiric sweeping me off my feet and being turned, (I was 15 years old when I had this dream). Technically, my other half has vampire-like qualities, a love of red meat, he gets slightly bitty with the lack meat consumption, averts sunlight at all costs, only comes alive after sunset and transparently pale.

In recent times, I've enjoyed the recent surge of vampire movies, and the new portrayal of them. My favourites were Eve and Adam from Only Lovers Left Alive they brought an entirely new elements particularly their tenderness and hunger for each other giving a refreshing take on the notion of vampiric romance.


A quick summary of the film is about relationships and love of the vampires Adam and Eve.  How their relationship has survived for centuries and how they deal with living in the modern times, yet retain some of their ancient customs. The movie starts with Adam and Eve living in separate countries Adam in Detroit and Eve in Tanger. Adam is feeling melancholic about the world and contemplating sucide, even in his passion for music, he finds little happiness. Eve is so concerned about his state mind she travels to be with Adam in Detroit. They are more than content existing in their own world together everything is going beautifully until Ava's Eve's haphazard and wild sister comes to town and creates turmoil for the couple. It's a sophisticated gothic tale of vampire romance and some dark high brow humour. 

Their relationship captures both humanities of light and dark qualities.  I quite like how they've chosen to captured Adam with dark hair and clothing along with his personality representing the darker and destructive side. He's suffering from melancholy causing him to be suicidal. He lives a very reclusive life from people tries to find solace in collecting rare instruments and producing music; his attempts to find happiness are blocking his creativity with his depression. In comparison, Eve is far more lighthearted, adventurous, free spirited and attempts to integrate with her surroundings. I like how this was captured with her clothing and hair colour.She is more polite, gracious, with a playful manner and zest for life. Where Adam comes across as stern, intense, and solemn; he is always cautious about people knowing of his existence. However. he does show emotion while interacting with his instruments. 

 Adam seems to resonate in the past and makes more creative uses of his electronics and inventions.  Eve is much more up to date using just her mobile phone. It's the first time,  Adam seems to lighten up with a glint of happiness in him and he shows a far more caring and sensitive side; particularly when he describes " Zombies and them way they treat the world". Eve seems to bring him out of the darkness and gives Adam pleasure. Eve seems to be the more resilient, stronger and more rational one in their relationship. 

Once they meet up, they felicitously gaze which speaks far more than words could. They intensely and passionately embrace each other bathing in each other's essence and how deeply they are connected. They are two being converting into one existence that needs to each other as much as they need blood for survival. The relationship is furiously wild. yet beautifully tender and restraint with the chival style gestures;  such as  Eve awaiting for Adam to sensually remove Eve's glove addressing each other as Lord and Lady.

Their relationship seems to work, despite being completely different; they still, support and respect each other's different interests. Adam loves music and science where Eve is fascinated by literature and nature.

Only Lovers Left Alive Tilda Swinton as Eve

They both seem to share mutual intellect and wisdom that complements and challenges one another. I love the fact that,   their relationship has continued and grown for centuries and still, they make it work. I like how they need each other so much, but they retain that sense of self and function without being together, as well. 

Image result for Only lover left alive   Eve  and adam playing chess

My favourite part is the intensity and passion they experience just by simply being with each other whether it's going for a mundane activities from a drive, nightly stroll or playing a game of chess, the relish every moment of it. Also, how one is they respond when things go wrong. For example where Eve's sister, Ava, kills Ian and they work together to solve the issue by throwing Ava. Then, plan to dispose of Ian's body.

 I think the best part demonstrates their strength and compatibility, when Eve finds Adam's gun with the wooden bullet ready to commit suicide and Eve address the issue. By placing the gun over her chest and terrifying Adam into retaliation of empathy from her point of view. I enjoyed how she scorns him but reassures him pulling out of his melancholy stupor, reminding of why things are worth living and encouraging him to dance.

I think their relationship portrays the ethereal beauty of love through time and they delight in each other company. whether physically being together or not.  Yet it feels, so human and tangible through the challenges their relationship endures it reflects the emotions relationships encounter and how a healthy relationship deal with it.  Adam and Eve's relationships represent how I feel love should be practised by comforting each other during their weakest moments and celebrating through simply being with that person.

I think John Hurts character, Kit sums up their relationship perfectly "you can't live without each" Eve's reaction looks like she's thinking you can't live with them or without them


Thursday, 9 February 2017

Bat Fit Update.

My first month of Bat fit went exceptionally well until I went on holiday it's fell apart. 

I'm only sewing while at my sewing classes. After the upheaval of decorating and moving my crap in. I'm slowly getting on top of it. I plan to retake up crafting when the room is more organised. I've volunteered to do some small crafting workshops with a local community organisation.  I've taken a shelf up at Bensham Grove to sell my crafts I never sold at the community craft market, and payment is on a commission basis.  

I'm attending a free local community photography course, is quite interesting and challenging. It's making me think more about photography and perspective. Meeting some of the locals.  

I found a job; I'm a keyholder for community centre but it's at the bottom of my street. It's not many hours but the money is quite good. I still need to another job with more hours. 

I'm still gazing in the charity shops but I haven't been purchasing as much.  I've sold a couple of items on eBay. 

My diet hasn't changed but it hasn't got worse, so I'm maintaining my current eating regime. I've lossed a few inches on my bust, waist and hips. I'm happy with that. I have increased the amount I'm walking. 

My organisation is still pretty haphazard at the moment the house looks like a bombsite. I've finally got around to organising it. 

I wrote a review in exchange for tickets to see a Fleetwood Mac tribute band with Nights Out In Newcastle.  Beforehand, there is number grammatical issues which are going to be resolved in due course. I apologise for this. It was a great night. I'm planning to write a few more in-depth articles; I want to research before attempting to write, and I'm planning to a few male up reviews. 

I haven't really kept up with all my blogging reading, I'm aiming to catch up when possible. 
I've met up with a couple friends since my last Batfit, including Jane Breaking The Angel and another friend who I haven't seen before Christmas. I'm arranging to see another in few weeks depending on their person circumstances. I'm also going to another Blogger event on Thursday Night I'll be meeting up with some of the lovely local Bloggers. 

Monday, 6 February 2017

Decmbers, January and Febs' Outfit Post.

I'm still regularly posting about my gothier outfits. During December my skin was horrendous, I wore no make-up and lived in comical t-shirts and leggings. Presently, it's been a bit busier than in December but less hectic than November. There is a theme of rediscovering old clothing. 


This was my Christmas Outfit. Most of my outfit was sourced from charity shops and eBay. It was my first time wearing the skirt and shoes they were so comfy but looked smart. I'm in fallen in love with the skirt, again.

I wore this outfit when I went to Hexham, by this point, I was so frustrated at not wearing makeup and dressing a bit more gothy. I  had a limited time to get dressed, and I fancied wearing my blouses and long skirt. The blouse is from a charity shop and I sewed the skirt. 


I wore this for my first sewing class; most of the month I lived in my travel student garb of leggings and comical t-shirts. I should probably stop wearing and start dressing my age of mature twenties, Nah. 

The skirt is like wearing a corset as too tight for my waist. I've had this since I was 14 and it was my first decent charity shop find.  When I found it made think of Gothic lolita style that was gaining popularity. I love it; it's definitely a vintage find. The blouse I'm wearing is a find from my last Hexham trip.     

This was my tutor favourite she thought I looked like Wednesday Addams. 

This a close up of the Neckline. 

I wore this outfit when I went to Malta out exploring Rabit.  I had my favourite tops, a charity shop finds and the skirt I made myself. I'm really not photogenic at all. I asked some strangers to photograph and I don't like to take liberties. If the boyfriend taking photographs that are completely different. I would of have insisted until there one I liked. I'm a hard taskmaster.  I going to aim to do more semi-professional quality or at least more aesthetically pleasing outfit photos. 

This was the outfit I wore to see the Circus of Horrors.  I had my favourite underbust. sorry about the messy sitting room but it was late at night I just want an outfit picture for the post. This tops is one of my favourites. I've had this for years and rediscovered item, unsurprisingly, another charity shop find. Plus, I have silly kitty with sunglasses on my socks. The height of sophistication, not. I have a thing for silly socks. Goth need some humour in our lives. I'll probably get kicked out the club for dress code violations.     

I wore this outfit one-day last week, I to attended a discussion on witches. I wore the top Mam got me for Christmas from Primark. The skirt I've had for years. It was the only skirt that went with my top. I love this lace-up detail but wish it was slightly more fitted. I can always take in. I wore a wide belt with top helped empathise my waist added some interest to the outfit. I feel like this has some Nu - Goth inspiration with the simplicity of the outfit and witchy vibes.  

This outfit I wore when I went to see Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac a tribute to Fleetwood Mac. I got the tickets in exchange writing a review. I was feeling slightly inspired by the Mother of Gothic Romantic, Stevie Nicks. I donned my witchy skirt and hippy belt ready to be entertained. After the show, the Boyfriend and  I headed to a bar for a few drinks. The pub was amazing as it's next to railway bridge and the pub expands into the wall.  At the moment, I was trying to train myself into wearing heels again, fortunately, are really comfy to an extent. I need more practice. My boots are from Maltese market Mam persuaded me to buy, at first I wasn't sure I adore them.  The skirt is charity shop find I rediscovered after so many things, for example, the witchy skirt and skirt and the  metal waist belt from car boot sale   

This me doing a goofy smile, since I'm constantly told off by the boyfriend for not smiling.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

My Terror At The Circus of Horrors

Last Friday Night, the boyfriend surprised me with tickets to see The Circus of Horrors. I mentioned when by chance passing one of their advertisement and commenting I've always wanted to see the show.

The Circus of Horrors was held at the Victorian Tyneside Theatre and Opera House. I was surprised to learn the show has been touring for over two decades and this year,  this is the twenty-first year of touring. It all began as an act at Glastonbury festival, instantaneously was a success; leading to calibrations with Motley Crue, Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper. Every Year the show perform to a theme, and this year was The Neverending Nightmare” mind twisted of Alice and Wonderland.

On entering we greeted by a few of the performers, I must comment I was envious of their costumes.

We went to find our seats were fantastic  four rows away from the stage.We were greeted by a wandering vampire looking very solemn known as Camp Dracula; the love child of Bela Lugosi Kenneth Williams.

The Circus of Horrors is the wonderful alternative to the circus for those who are darkly-inclined, or just curious. It's a spellbinding, mind altering disturbing nightmarish experience; relies on shock horror tactics, tongue and cheek humour with hints of risque with plenty of corsets and fishnets

The most unexpected part was telling of native in a rock Opera style, enhancing experience. The strangest part was 
the ethereal beauty (such whirlwind of  the horror themed circus) the rhymatic gymnastics, the seductive hula hooping and fire dancing performances of Twister, the Enchantress and Anastrcia.

The show is definitely not for those who are easily offended or faint hearted as the prelude warns particularly to sissies or Charv's were told to " F*$£ off" (in a humourus way of course).

The stage was dark, suddenly and surprisingly a metal rift began, silencing the audience, light flooded into the auditorium. And THEN, Dr Haze the Undead Ring Master was introduced and strutted on the stage and sang in heavy rock operatic style filling the theatre with his song. Setting the tone of a fast pace frisky show keeping the audience gripping to their seats in awe and hysterics

 The show moved on to a poetic and twisted mind narrative of nightmares of young woman dreaming in a bizarre world of nightmares; a disturbing nun with  a hideous skull mask sitting in a mask and being crude.

 The show then morphed into the delights of  The Twister and her spectacular gravity defying contortionists acts. My favourite part was when she supported all her body weight using her mouth. 

My  criticisism of the show I feel the show didn't really follow the themes or narratives it had stated. Due to the sporadic nature of the sketches, it felt more like a comedy show rather than a story. However, the narrative was mentioned in act two.  There was some continuity  that fed into each scene  but not enough to carry a full storey. This never waived my enjoyment of the show. 

 The next performer was Hannibal Hellmurto The World's Greatest Sword Swaller. He resembles a long-lost member of  Rammstein. He started with various sized swords worked his way to swallowing a chair leg.  


After a comical laundry sketch between Camp Dracula and the Maria Morse. Camp Dracula was shoved into the oversized washer. into mini Camp Dracula aka Captain Dan the Demon Dwarf. I've got admit what this guy lacks in size he makes up in grit, spunk and insanity performing his bawdy antics of eating a glass bulb, drinking beer through his eye and his own personal use of a Henry Hoover.

The Captain was thrown into the washer as punishment for forgetting his pants.Out came four  Dia de  Muertos style luminous skeletons, who moved fluidly enhancing their sinister appearance. 

 Next were a roller skating duo gyrating around a small circular stage exciting. Every move was flawlessly choreographed and executed. 

There was an intermission of 666 years. 

Personally, I found act one in certain places slightry  mundane and predictable with some of the gags. Also, I definitely enjoyed e such as the twisted dream state sequence with The Twister suspend in mid-air, the roller skating performance, and  Camp Dracula antics. In comparison to act one, act two was far more excitingly entertaining. I found myself imore terrified and in a fit of hysterics. As the boyfriend suggested a great show always build up to an awesome climax. 

The second half began with the narrative that got lost in act one and refound itself in act two. It began at the beautiful young protagonist waking up and watched from aside, all the visual delights and curiosities of the Victorian Carnival Freakshow. 

The second part was spectacular and harrowing acts, and introducing new performers including:

The Voodoo Warriors from darkest deepest Africa. Performing with fire limbo, skipping, and awesome back flips. The guys were , so energetic and fun I think this one of my favourite performers. 

Anastasia IV the descendant of Polish Notability who talents included fire eating and Hair hanging, Astrantia was suspended in mid-air by her hair  My favourite acts was when she was held upside down with an ariel loop attached to her head, and spinning in mid air with sparklers attached. 

The most awesome and disturbing character has to be  Relik with his hoard of  Psycho clowns.  He interrupted the current performance, and directed the audience, Dr Haze and Maria Morse sang "I hate that clown". Screams could be heard from the back of the theatre the grotesque looking clown creeping through the audience and Relik.  

 Hannibal made a even more, grossly intriguing performance with demonstrating  why he's is The World's Greatest Sword Swallowers. By swallowing a corrugated saw, and an electric neon light containing mercury.  Hannibal demonstrated his dedication to his art with altered floating ribs allowing him to place a 90 degree curved sword into his oesophagus. 

The show seemed to have everything including wedding, sadly the groom intended never showed so the brave but unexpected audience member as an unwilling victim as the groom. Unsurprisingly, it lead to a fantastic rendition of White wedding. The audience's member had a bag placed over his head found his bride was the nightmarish Rellik unmasking him.

By the end, the show took a much darker turn with Dr Haze sacrificing The Enchantress by slitting her throat and sewing Maria Morose in half. Don't worry Dr Haze got his coming up with Rellik and his Pschyo clowns sawing him in half.

Even at, The Circus of Horror has a happy ending. Everybody magically came back to life. Dr Haze showed up appeared in the back of the Theatre singing. Maria was somehow was bandaged back together.

Overall,  it was such a fun night, and I can't recommend this show enough. Its definitely worth seeing the show for the pure novelty value. The show used the right balance of  comedy, terror, crudeness and bit saucy without too being overtly offensive.  Due some the content is definitely not suitable for the little ones. My partner loved the show even more than me. He had  a huge beaming smile through out the show and kept moving along to every song. This is definitely the start of new annual tradition. 

I even got to meet a few of the cast members from the Circus of Horrors. I  had a photo with taken with Dr Haze. All the entertainers were, so friendly and talented. 

Life Update.

Hi, it's been a very long hiatus, not to say the least. Since my last post, a lot happened in October. I had a death in the family ...