Friday, 13 January 2017

My New Coasters.

For my bedroom, I've wanted a couple of  coasters, but I've been a real cheapskate refusing to pay £2 for a set. 

Originally, I had en-suite bathroom, that got ripped because of the shoddy workmanship.
 I asked if the work men could retain some of the black tiles, but were  most of tiles were redundant.   

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However, I was able to find two viable ones perfect for coasters. The coaster only need a clean, I wanted to tart them up.  

 I had some of my favourirte sticky back plastic left over. 

 I placed the tile on the sticky back plastic and cut around it.  

I cut out a piece of  vinyl big enough to wrap around all the tiles a bit like wrapping a present. Cut the excess out of the corners.


I folded the two larger pieces first and the narrower sides this assisted creating a neater finish. 

The back looked fine, but I wanted to finish the back of the coasters felt.  

I cut around the tile to get a template for the back and made the back piece slightly narrower.  

I glued the felt on using a hot glue gun alternatively pva glue, fabric glue or double side tape would suffice.  

I love my finish product and if I can save money, all the better, 


  1. Way to upcycle you clever girl!

    1. Not really, I was board with the itch to be creative. When my mind goes into a strange and new level of creative crazy.

  2. Replies
    1. Not really just creative crazy berserker mood, the stuff my mind conjures up is beyond insanity.

  3. How nice! I love that pattern and how it matches with your table.

    1. Thanks, I've never thought of that I guess does match.

    2. They do look lovely with the table!

  4. What a brilliant idea! They look perfect ♥

  5. Well done Sarah! You are brilliant! Cool idea! Looks amazing!

    1. Thank that's so sweet. I wouldn't say I was brilliant, just hyper creative and board do weird and bring odd ideas. Lol

  6. That's a great idea and it looks lovely^^


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