Monday, 2 January 2017

My Bat Fit For 2017

Franny's began with 2017 by quick starting Bat Fit off, it;s hard to believe it's in it's the fifth year. Like my previous post, I haven't really give it too much thought what I would like to focus on to for my holistic health. 

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My goal is about gaining a much appreciative and simpler perspective on life, rather than stressing about things out of my control. I think since becoming a home owner it's helped my perspective made me reconsider what's important. Also, my desires have changed, quite a bit. Sometimes life about having an income is about enabling to pay the bills and to be able to do things. I think this year, as well I don't want to focus on things but more developing my experience and skill, rather than on materialism.

I think for my physical health I would like to increase my uptake of fruit and veg. I pretty bad for not eating enough, as I dislike most fruit, I prefer meditation veg and salads along with carrots. I eat, it doesn't even meet the current Nice Guides lines of five a day. 

The next is to get physically active again, the one thing I've been contemplating about getting a bike. I wanted one for the last few years but just never had the space to store one, so now we have a back yard. I really want to go for it.  I also want to start walking again, it assisted with my weight loss. 

I want to learn self-defence in my local area, I found about Krav Maga ( street fighting adopted by the Isreal forces). I've heard from people's experience it can be very aggressive and physical, this hasn't dissuaded, I really one to give it ago. Part of the reason so I feel confident how to dealing confrontations or altercations, and also, a way of dealing with my mental frustrations. In the past, I always found physical exercise a good way of dealing with my mental issues. 

To install more discipline and organisation into my life.  I can be extremely disciplined and other time I'm the most haphazard, dysfunctional and disorganised person alive. I have a tendency to loose things big style and often start a project before finishing one.So, I want to be more organised by starting by putting things back in the same place and try focus finish one project before starting another. It's going to take a lot of energy to override 28 years of bad behaviour. I have noticed, I'm starting to do it slightly more. I think this one is going to be a long life goal. 

This year, I've hardly read any books so I would like to increase that two a month reasonable for me. This links back to the last post as I tend to start one book then another before finishing the next. Also, I' m finding social media is overtaking my life, and I spend way too much time just browsing on the internet, so I'm going to limit myself to either so much time a day and to check my social media account to so many times a day. I have slightly reduced this I really want to reduce it even further. Use the time more productively for crafting or even reading. I also want to reduce the amount t.v I watch. This has drastically dropped in recent years. again to regain that time to me more proactive.

For blogging, I want to more consistent posting between two to three times a week so, I might have to set up a schedule for that. I want more quality posts, as I sometimes feel some posts are rubbish and thought and researched based posts with topics relating the blog.  I want to more in-depth post about personal issues, life from the alternative perspective and give my blog a more a serious front. I have a couple of things I've been meaning to post about will do in the near future. I want to more sew and crafting posts, make-up and fashion posts as in 2016, I haven't done as many as I hoped after reviewing the number of comments and view these tend to be quite popular.  I do apologise if this seems a like I'm stealing people's ideas that are not my intention it's, just what I would like to do. One thing, I will be posting more is a monthly outfit post where I'll post about my interesting and gothed up outfits. 

I want to reduce how much time, I go shopping and adopt the boyfriend method by going to shop with a list go in and purchase what I need. I want to boycott unnecessary spending this even includes my beloved Charity shops and bargain shops. I tend to purchase a lot of crap I don't need in the long term, I 'm wasting money on things that just clutter up the place or end being donated to charity. 

The  last thing is to take up my amateur photography again and go for random adventures. As I missed all the beautiful colours of autumn there is a beautiful cemetery in the centre of Newcastle, it looks so wonderful with all the rainbow of, red, orange, browns and yellow. The amber hue just made it the perfect offering for photography.    

I think these are realistic goals and are archivable, my new perspective is about taking the more gentle approach and making things gradual approach to life, seems to work better than sudden short bursts of energy. 


  1. Good goals :) Best of luck achieving them.

    And your posts are never rubbish.

    I'm a picky eater too, and I've realised there's no point in making myself try to eat anything green other than peas & kiwis- I just don't like it! I have developed a real love of root veg though, and gradually introduced more soft fruit into my diet - usually hidden in a bowl of plain greek yogurt which seems to turn bananas and raspberries into the most divine food on the planet!

    1. Thanks that always great to know.

      I've always been a bit picky eater for a while, I used to eat anything. At my last work place it was a running joke. Now, I'm getting incredibly picky again, but not to point I used to be as kid.

      Carrots were only used to eat as kid, it's carried on ever since. I don't mind grapes, satsuma, melon and strawberries in season. Also, I got be careful of how much fruit I eat as it seems to disagrees with my stomach. I love yogurt and never thought of mixing fruit and yogurt.

      Good Luck with your Bat fit.

  2. That's a great list of goals. Good luck and happy 2017! :)

    1. Thanks and good luck with your goals for 2017

  3. All very good goals, and I see quite a few in your list that I'd like to accomplish myself. Like finishing one project before starting another!!! ;)

  4. WAHOO! Good luck and Happy New Year!

    1. Good Luck as well Franny and Happy New Year to you.

  5. Thanks this year, I wanna make things stick but I think it's best to be realistic rather than choosing things that'll never be achieved. I think their are some many crafters are guilty of that one. I know my sewing tutor's even, admit it that one a few time and some of the other students.

  6. I think all these goals are great! You will succeed Sarah!! Big Hugs!

  7. I think their all achievable, that was simple and knew I could achieve.


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