Monday, 9 January 2017

Bat Fit.

I felt like writing a bit of review for my Bat fit and aims for the New Year. So, overall, I'm off to a good start this week with the exception of  a few hurdles. I'm considering  posting a Batfit update either once a month any significant  developments.  

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My first priority is to save money, I've failed big style. I haven't avoided the charity shops and bought one new skirt with money my sister give me for Christmas. I seriously couldn't resist this one of these rare gems. It had a lovely gothic lolita ascetic and black floral jacquard Coast skirt with a beautiful embroidery. I think it was brand new and not even worn as it's immaculate, hence the price tag of £7.

 I stock up on some makeup (eyes) and nail brushes for eyeliner. I purchased some beads to for jewellery making. So, to avoid spending I've given myself a strict budget of ten pounds a week, seriously I don't really need that much at the moment when I honestly think about it. I'm leaving my debit card at home. 

Today, I've swapped my phone contract and providers so instead of paying £30 per month I've gone for a sim only for £18 a month, I'm saving 12 a month. 

I really need to save money until I find a new job that's a longs storey and best unsaid.  There may be a couple local jobs my name may be put forward. It would help until I can find something permanent. So, I've booked a one to one assistance to get it updated. my C.V. See what happens. 

I've started to get into baking again I made a batch of cookies for the boyfriend, ginger biscuits and cherry scones. This week, I made stock from lamb bones, which turned out to be pretty appetising. I'll be making homemade stock again. On Friday, I went to my Mam's and end with free sweet mince pies and bag of oats for cookies. I love my Mam I always end up with something. 

Healthy eating has been normal, with homemade soup and tuna stir fry. Attempting to eat more fruit and veg, but not significantly increased. Friday was frozen pizza and chips. I haven't been exciting much Wednesday walked a mile into Newcastle, Friday walked about five miles and the afternoon I need more paint. I walked two miles carrying a five-litre tub of paint for a mile uphill. 

DIY - I replaced my first fuse woo.  On Saturday, I finally started painting the guest bedroom finished the purple wall but I need to finish the white walls. I love the new colour it looks far better than the red and much cleaner. 

Crafting I've been crafting addictions this week feeling the urge to make anything and everything. I crafting urge so bad this week it's been unreal. 

This week I started off with making two set of earrings from beads and flower I've had lying around.

I've finally finished, my frozen rose in trapped in a glass jar, this has been a nightmare to make. I finally, ordered the correct glue to attach the base to the dome. Now, I just waiting for the silver necklace from ebay, so I can finally start wearing it. 

I downloaded a couple of free Pdf patterns for tops. The first pattern is based on a 1940 blouse from the British Sewing Bee. I downloaded from Sewing Bee Patterns

Handmade Blouse from The Great British Sewing Bee book

I've started sewing a top I designed. 

I tranformed some old tiles into stylish coasters for my bedroom 

I made a quilt a table cloth from old fabric scraps. 

Finally, I'm meeting up with Jane from Breaking the Angel for coffee, so feel very stoked. 


  1. I have skirt envy! That's seriously lovely. It would look lovely with the jewellery you've made.

    I've not broken my spending ban yet - but we are only 9 days into the year!

    See you Thursday :)

  2. Thanks I love it, I really couldn't resist. So, I need to really restrain myself. at the moment

    I'm glad to hear you haven't broken your spending ban yet. I really need to more discipline.

  3. For some reason I can't see the skirt, but I love your quilted table top!
    Hmm, saving money... Maybe I should have put that on my list too ;)

  4. Sorry about that I'm not sure the reasons for it. I really need to save money as much as possible. Also,I need to save money, where possible so I'm looking for new and interesting crafts and projects to keep my hands busy.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks, these were made from things I've had lying around.

  6. You are rocking it girl! Good for you! Wishing you all the best for 2017!

  7. I love that frozen rose in the jar!

  8. Thanks that was so easy to all you need is the right glue. All the best for 2017.


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