Thursday, 17 November 2016

Leashes, The Dystopian Nightmare

I got the opportunity to review Leashes debut album, I really can't waive about this band enough.

Leashes are the latest underground band emerging from the London music scene. Leashes anticipated debut album is released on the 18th November.

When I first listened to their tracks, I was unsure what to make of it. I had a swirling emotion of apathy and hate with a sudden an epiphany, where I finally connected with the album . They shared my sentiments of fear, anger and frustrations. I realised this was a rarity amongst all the bland and repetitive generic music on offer. The album was phenomenal.

The album is a hybrid of music styles from nu metal's, mixing of music genres to the textured, low sounding guitars and bass riffs of savage aggression. To the gloomy themes that dark wave captured in the early 80's of the decimated North. The vocalist sings in an electronic denigrate style which intensifies the trepidation of the songs.
The lyrics have a satirical theme reflecting the darkest side of society and the turbulent destruction it impacts on the human psyche; enhancing the distorted and disturbing sound of the band. Resulting in each song weaving, it's own agonising mini storey of a conflict for the battle of supremacy we experience both inside and out.

Drowning spoke to me most, it has to be my favourite track on the album. The songs intro' starts with drum and base styling that leads me into a disorientated path of aggressive guitars riffs and painful androgynous vocals portrait the daily struggles of existence and the suppression of the self to conform to society. Until the pent up aggression builds to the extent it becomes too much has to be realised with roaring death growls. I think this precisely sums the state of being that we all experience every day.

The album is a dark and honest piece of music crafted from rage, torment and horror of the turmoils; we encounter in every day with living in a world of fear and extremism. This renewed my faith in the modern metal scene and takes us into a vehemently exciting new direction.

I look forward to following this band for many years to come. They're ready to blow your mind.

To support this independent band out check their website out Leashes

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Disclaimer, All opinions stated are that of my own. I love to support independent bands, especially ones like Leashes, who have tremendous talent. In exchange for the review, I received a mp3 copy of their debut album for the purposes of the review. 


  1. Thanks for the review on the band Sarah!!!

    1. No problem, I hope people enjoy them as much as I did

  2. I hardly listen to new music these days, but this is quite good, in fact, I love the style^^

    1. I'm same at the momment but I love this album as it something so different from what's available.


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