Thursday, 10 November 2016

An Unforgettable Night at Urban Decay

 I attended the Urban Decay Make-Up event, for the winter collection launch. The night was organised by the lovely Laura from ELLEfluence it was the first brand collaboration event for her new platform that launches in the in 2017.  ELLEfluence platform
 connects bloggers and brands together, so, definitely worth checking out.

I can only sum night up as fab, fun and informative.

My confession is I've never really been that into make-up . It's only been in recent months I've wanted  to experiment with lipsticks and more dramatic eye makeup. Personally, I've never used Urban Decay products previously, I've heard such amazing reviews from Vloggers. My favourite os Black Friday who swears by Urban Decay and uses All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray and Naked 2 Basics Eyeshadow Palette. My curiosity became too overwhelming, so when I found out the event I couldn't resist. 

This was first make-event. I've really wanted to attend more  blogger events to meet people, especially more local bloggers.

Originally, the event was meant to be on the Keyside and was changed at the last moment to Debenhams in the city centre. Personally, I was elated to hear that, it's by a far more convenient location. 

 It turned out to be a great a night I felt incredibly apprehensive to point of nearly opting out. I still get nervous about going to new places alone, despite travelling by myself. My biggest regret would of have been not attending.  

 So the night began all the attendees lining up for a professional shoot, that was provided by the awesome Laura Pearman as a little memento of the night. I opted out and asked if I could think about it, Laura P was really sweet and said to come back if I changed my mind, has a great way of making people feel at ease. 

We were greeted by Larua from Elle blonde who was  just as bubbly in real life as she is on her blog.  A selection of Lindt D'or truffles (woo, I'm truffleholic)  and  drinks including juice (boring me went for)  and a bit of bubbly adding more glam' to an already glamorous night. 

I decided to sit at the back, not the best idea for a tutorial, fortunately, I had my trusty camera zoom to watch the tutorial. With sitting at the back meant I got to meet Nicola from   Geordie Kisses and Gemma from Missuswolf. Who were both very sweet and thanks listening to my repetitive meanderings wheater to purchase the UD's Perversion Lipstick

I ended metting the amazing Macara Macara Space, and Amy Anchard Teapot (this one of the best blog titles I've heard).   These lasses are amazing and kindly invited for a drink afterwards. It really made my night and created so much laughter, thank you so much.

For an Urban Decay Virgin like myself, the event was an exciting introduction to the Brand and products. The night started with the Urban Decay regional manager welcoming us for attending. The make-up team introduced themselves and started by showing how to create a subtle day time look. Even sitting right at the back, and with my camera's zoom the colour had a lovely intensity perfect for the autumn season. 

   For me, the star of the show  the gregarious and affable Micheal, who thoroughly walked us through explaining each product and every step of the makeup tutorial. It's was hard to believe he was the newest member team from his vast product knowledge. 

Below is the finally look; I really love the completed day look for a more simple and subtle style 


So I got a closer look at their make up brushes, I was surprised but happy to learn that Urban Decay are committed to delivering high-quality products while maintaining an eco' friendly ethos by turning recycled plastic bottles into makeup brush bristles. Urban Decay refuse to test their products on animals, which is really persauding me to become a convert. I also fell in love with their eye makeup brushes and the mention of angled blending brush, definitely on my ever Christmas list.   

I got to have a quick tester of the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation, after testing the foundation on my hand the coverage was a gorgeous flawless matte finish. The foundation has designed for people with oily skin for lasting coverage, definitely enticing me.  I prefer  a heavy matte finish  that lasts all day  and have the ability to covers up my rosacea and acne scarring without the need to apply. The foundation comes in a usual foundation bottle which is meant to be air tight not requiring a pump, permitting for every drop to be used. 

My one concern is that the foundation tends to oxidise, after reading a lot of reviews it seems to be a common issue . The team did reassure us that didn't happen. But for someone as pale as me, it's already nightmare finding the right colour the one thing I don't want is something that's going to darken on my skin. The best thing will defiantly get a tester.  

My favourite was the captivating ombre smokey eye  just by blending the darker shade (sorry I can't remember the name of the colour) into the creases created a more dramatic impact, more my style. 

As an extra treat,  Rub generously catered a selection of delicious nibbles. Rub is American Style Steaks house who are celebrating the opening of their new restaurant in Newcastle. 

After the tutorial, I decided to take Laura P offer of a photo, I don't regret, I absolutely love the photo it's a great  little memento. I think the picture reflects how amazing her talents and Laura P even made the delectable Rub's food look even more appetising. I regret not taking a picture of her donning her vintage rolled fringe, doesn't take much guessing she's a vintage gal. 

Afterwards, we invited to the UD's makeup store to purchase some of their goodies. 
Below I couldn't resist checking out their shades of lipsticks, and some of the colours were mind blowing beautifully. I was still debating over the Perversion. Next to me is Gemma from Missuswolf.

UD's Naked Vault range, and the new release Full Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette retailing at £38 before becoming a homeowner I wouldn't have thought twice about purchasing it. Sadly it's going on the Christmas list, you never know the fellow might come through . I absolutely adore the intense purples and greens, how far I've come since my safe neutral shades.  

I even left with UD Goody bag full of fun samples to trial. A

My most coveted item was the sample bottle of  Urban Decay's All Nighter Setting Spray, I'm so excited to try this item out, it a great as I think it is It have to became a makeup-up  staple. 


  1. Keep me informed about the all nighter makeup spray - I am intrigued.

    1. No problem, I will, I'm looking forward to trialling out.

  2. Very cute makeup! Glad you had fun! I wish I could have went with you!

    1. Thanks, It would of been a blast as to Goth bloggers to attend.

  3. Wow, that's a cute photo indeed! ;)
    The event seems fun and very instructive. I don't know much about make up, but I am trying my best to pick up some knowledge of all the different products, brushes ands ways to apply this stuff because it's really helpful for my cosplay looks too.

  4. Thanks, even I was surprised at decent it came out. Neither do I'm still learning at the moment. I've started loving going for strong colours. I wish I had the money to purchase the eye palette but the house comes first. Never mind there always Christmas lol. I love your cosplay pics it bring a different elements of your character.

  5. Wow, what a fun time! I have NYX setting spray and really like it. However, I have been looking at some of the Urban Decay products for awhile and might just have to take the plunge soon! I love that they use recycled materials and don't test on animals. That's a big selling point for me.
    I also like It's Black Friday!
    *hugs* thanks for sharing this awesome night!

  6. Bug hugs too you as well. I'm will review the setting spray at some point I'll will always an honest review. I really like a lot of their stuff but I need wait a bit before purchasing anything else. Never mind. Ill have to wait. Im in love full spectum palette. At the momment and want perversion. Lol Sorry I haven't been catch up with my read intend soon as I've been really busy. Definitly get there at some point.

  7. That picture of you is amazing - so glad you didn't take a pass on it! I was in Sephora with the youngest this week and she was hemming and hawing about the UD. I'll have to show her this post. I can't remember what she actually ended up purchasing - Kat von D, I believe.

    Sounds like a fun evening all around. :)

  8. Thanks for your lovely comments, I glad I found my bravery it was worth it. Me too it's just the products aren't cheap but for the prices I'm expecting high quality standard, like I said it's on the eye shadow palette on my Christmas list. That what's happen when you grow up LOL.

  9. Wow, what a fun event! Would have love to go! I'm pretty much a natural girl, but I love my lipstick, eyeliners and mascara! Give us some reviews if you us any of their items!

  10. I'm planning to review there all nighter spray once I used it. I keeping a record of the when I've used.

  11. I'm always glad to read about brands that are committed to cruelty free and recycling! I can't believe some brushes (and fake eyelashes) are still made with fur!

    1. Wow, I never knew that some makeup brushes and lashed were made from fur. I thought they were made from arylic.I thought that was good thing to mention about them trying to be eco friendly.

  12. I am not very much into make-up, but I can totally relate to wondering if I should or should not go to an event, if i will feel weird, or ugly, or whatever. I am so glad you went and that you had a good time!

  13. I know how you feel, all my issues star coming out. I still have some qualms about my personal image. Sometime I Start wondering it just to get out and meet people sadly there isn't a lot of alternative bloggers where I alive.I would love to meet more. I guess I should count my blessing of meeting Jane from Breakin the angle.


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