Sunday, 7 August 2016

This Week

This week has been a paradox as it's gone both slowly and fast. I've dedicated most of my time to the house or running errands for the house such as getting paint. Otherwise it's been a  mundane week. 

Everything started off at full steam and things have seemed to grounded to a halt. The shoddily installed ensuite bathroom was stripped on Tuesday morning,  I had the kitchen designer come out,  and the sledgehammer blow after hearing the quote for the bathroom. This week is the first time in my life where I've felt like a proper adult with a mortgage and now responsible for a house. Also, an unexpected point was the boiler, so now the boiler needs replacing now. I'm still awaiting the kitchen quote. I booked the date for the bathroom installation.  So on Wednesday, I had a break from everything as it got too much. 

At least on the brighter side this week, I found Wilkinson's (for non-UK readers it's general house good store) do their own cheap magnolia paint five litres for £10, and whiter than white for £6. It's saving me some money, and the paint makes a very good undercoat. On Friday, I visited B&Q (a hardware superstore). I stocked up on more Rustoleum gloss black liquorice  paint as it was on sale for two for £24, and I got some beautiful wallpaper for £2,  Which made me revise the bedroom design, after, consulting the Boyfriend and receiving  his apathetic blessing I can wallpaper our bedroom. Unfortunately, B&Q sold out of  the wall paper, but I've  found a couple of places have stocked this on the internet. 

I turn 28 this month and  not feeling too bothered about it. While chatting with the boyfriend, on a night we decided to go to Whitby for a night or two and visit his Mam in Barnard Castle, which won't blow the bank. I looking forward to it to the break. I'll be posting about the Whitby Trip.  

Taken in Feb 2013


  1. I turned 29 this year, not a big deal! Wow, house stuff sounds intense! That wallpaper!

    1. Actually, it's not too bad because me and the partner aren't living there so, at we least we can walk away from it. So,I'm now looking at the jobs I can get done and rooms I can finish . I don't anything installed until we get the new boiler.

  2. Have a lovely birthday and enjoy Whitby :)


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