Wednesday, 10 August 2016

DIY: Hair Clips

I've been developing a bit  of an obsession with hair accessories, the collection hasn't been  too expensive. The only problem, I'm having is finding things I like. 

My growing collection of hair clips.

I bought a cheap pack of hair clips for 39 pence from Home Bargains,  with the intention of making more hair clips. 

I purchased black butterflies with plastic gems attached to their abdomens; they were so pretty and  love butterflies. I bought the pack from eBay for £1.85  a pack of 50. The pack were an amazing  bargain and good quality for the money. 

The clips were so easy to make, I applied super glue to the wide side of the clip and stuck the  butterflies on the clip. I gently held for a minute using the tip of my finger and placed on a flat surface to dry. I recommend leaving them for fifteen minutes to dry.  I adore them, altogether cost twenty-three pence to make. I've seen similar ones in Claires Accessories for £3.50. 


  1. Great job! Hair clip day was a big thing when I was a kid but it's been ages since I did it!

  2. I dunno where it's came from but all I know is I'm loving hair accessories and fancy making more at some point.

  3. I love hair accessories too, I have tons of hair pins, clips, flowers, wreaths and stuff, but I'm too laty to actually style my hair these days...:D Those butterly clips are cute^^

  4. I find it difficult to style my hair. I often prefer having my hair but sometimes when its my hair gets in the way of my face. I like using the slide keep the hair out my face.

  5. Those are beautiful! I realy like hair accessories too!

  6. Thanks you that's so sweet.


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