Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Nu-Goth and Nu-shoes

Often I avoid fashion, and I develop a mental block avoiding disposal fashion at all costs. Usually, I succumb to the trends once items get donated to the local charity shop . 

This is not the exception I've noticed charity shops are getting more donations of chunky boots and platforms. ( the consequence of disposal fashion.) When I first encountered it; I hated it I felt transported into the movie Clueless, with so many people wearing small backpacks and platforms.


Now, I'm  starting to like this style, especially the biker  boots style. Simultaneously, I've spent many an insomnia night searching google images for gothic inspiration to try something new. I've mainly taken ideas  from the nu-goth look and  how they've incorporated the trend into their outfits; the picture looks fab, and it's persuaded me to purchase a pair

I'm debating whether  nu-goth is more of an evolution of goth fashion rather than subgenre in it'own right but it's not to say it isn't. It's my current impression of it, certainly, more reading is required.   One thing that can be determined the ascetic is striking and seems to suit a  younger generation of goth. Nu- goth appears to by a myriad of influences from mainstream fashion, hints of Lady Gaga, 90's fashion. occult imagery and oh yeah, classic black.

Dark Grunge. Check out this Look Book if you love the 90's Grunge

While searching for the through the google images it depicts the look being more complementary to willowy and slim body shapes rather than us curvy gals with large bottoms ,again this is what I've typically found. I don't think I'm a nu-goth convert, however, there are certain elements I like and I can incorporate into my personal styles such as the clumpy style boots, PVC skater skirts and dramatic two tonal lips.

Below is my interruption of Nu- Goth

My make up 

Top - Charity shop 
Skirt- Made by me 
Necklace & Earrings- Sterling crafts

Getting back to my chunky boot:I haven't had much luck in the charity shop or main high street. I found  some gorgeous chunky boots on eBay.  I fell instantly in love with the style of boots, everything from the buckle straps, to the chunky heels and the shiny PVC material just made for an interesting pair of shoes. 


The boot in total  cost £14 the boots were £10 and £4 for delivery. The boots were advertised as having a mark on them it was unnoticeable, let's face it after a few weeks  of wear they'll get scuffed anyway.

 My first thoughts about the boots were going to hurt my feet, surprisingly,  they are comfy  and feel lighter to walking than first anticipated. Mentally they l feel taller than actual heel size e.g I feel 6 inches taller, where the heel is only 3inches in height.Then again when your my height and wearing any kind of heels me makes 6ft. Despite the bargain price, the boots  look expensive and upper of the boots is rigid material but didn't affect my gait. The soles and heels look like rubber and when walking the sole feels sturdy but also as it absorbs the shock  when my foot comes into contact with the ground.  

The only downside is the shoes have to buckle up so you can't put them on in a hurry.  The Boyfriend highlighted and jested about the clinging noise of my boots when walking. Overall, I'm ecstatic about my new boots and add an extra something to an outfit.


  1. I used to have great platform boots I found secondhand in the early 2000s. My feet can only really do flats so I haven't got any recently, also I'm so clumsy I don't know how I ever walked in them without dying!

    1. When I was 12, I used to love wearing a pair of Mary janes platform with skirts. I used to be able to wear heal including a pair black pinkle winglers. I also had pair of 6 inch platforms; I think still in my mam's loft. Yeap, I want to wearing heels again, especially since I'm only 5ft 1 I want to be tall.

  2. Cute boots! I always had an obsession with chunky shoes and boots, probably because I was a 90s child. I can't wear heels so I feel platforms are much more wearable yetc they still look good

  3. Thanks. I'm a typical 90's child as well I remember it was sexy to wear stiletto and then the hideous ballet shoes came into style then chunky heels. During teeny greeny days (local reference to my teenage goth years) I used wear high heels and platforms all the time. I agree with you about chucky heel look good, I think they're more complementary to my large calf.

  4. You look great and the boots were a bargain - they look really good quality.

    I have a pair of platform New Rocks that I do rather love, though I'm not sure they do much for my short legs. I also found them surprisingly comfortable - though as a shorty I was a bit perplexed by the mental adjustment needed to take in the extra 4 inches - I've never really worn heels!

  5. Thanks hun. Its a weird mental adjustment being tall. The boots are so comfy. I have newrocks with a platforms with the heel I love feeling tall sadly the wreck my legs now. I think in comparison to ballets shoes there best.

  6. I just love that the 90's are back in style!

  7. The 90s did have some great fashion trends. For me it's sereal to of getting older being reminded of past fashions.


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