Thursday, 21 July 2016

Great News I've bought house

In about months time I turn 28 eek, I'm terrified of ageing. Another big development is I'm purchasing my first house with the Boyfriend we are about to exchange contracts in over a week. I'm both anxious and excited about the change of life as it signals I'm a grown up, all I can think is that I'm getting older.  At the same time in Britain, to be on the property market  at the age of 27 is unbelievable as the average person is in their mid-thirties to get on the property. 

We are only moving around the corner in the neighbouring street, I'm so happy . I love the area, there is a great community feel and loads happening. There is an interesting alternative, creative. multicultural area. Some the local amenities include  Asian fabric shops and a beautiful park at the end the street. I'm so excited.

We've purchased a Victorin terrace with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, two reception rooms (a lot of two's) and a huge kitchen perfect to practice my culinary skills. Yeah, right but it'll allow me more space for baking. Currently, we both live in his two bedroom flat that has accommodated his bachelorhood for the last decade.  Since I've moved in his small flat has felt over crowded. It's caused problems between the boyfriend and me, as I'm unable to do any crafts and the boyfriend is wanting to work from home he can't do that at the moment. 

I've haven't wanted to mention anything earlier as we had issues with the mortgage lenders and the house has felt as though it's been in the background and just not felt real until recently. 

I'm looking forward to it, and I'll be posting about the progress of decorating the house. 


  1. Wow, happy birthday and congratulations!! :)

  2. Yes, that is a great achievement, here you would also be lucky to afford a house by that age so you are doing very well!

  3. For me its just serial to think I'm growing up and be s home owner.

  4. I'm so excited it's amazing to think. I'm so looking forward to getting my hands into it.

  5. Wow, what a great big step, congratulations! Having your own home (castle) is a different experience altogether. Very adult indeed ;)

  6. Yeap, I feel very grown up but not in a good way lol. I'm so looking forward to having my own manor well that's what it feels compare to our flat. I may consider calling it Geordy Goth Manor.

  7. Congratulations! So happy for you both :)

  8. Thanks, I'm looking forward to escially once it's completed.

  9. Congratulations on purchasing your first home! That’s excellent especially since you are doing it sooner than most people. Victorian homes are beautiful and I hope it is all you want it to be. It sounds like moving was best for both you and your boyfriend as you both needed more space in the home. Good luck!

    1. Thanks that's so sweet. It's hard to believe we bought a year ago and have been living in it since the end of November.
      I can't believe at 28 years old, I am home owner it's nothing I try to not flaunt in front people, but I realise how privileged I am to be in this position. I've learnt the responsibility that comes with it. The real value of money and cost of things.

      Anyway we are finally settled in and happy with house and love living in a huge Victorian Terrace as proportions are immense.

      Thank you commenting. I love reading people's comments


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