Friday, 22 July 2016

Gothing it up in Hexham

Last Tuesday was just a beautiful, bright day that warranted a trip out. I had no plans about where to go except needing the urge to escape the flat. I originally decided to walk over to Gosforth and to take photos on the way. As soon as I step out of the house, I felt an overwhelming urge to visit Hexham. I  quickly dashed to the bus stop, fortuitously,  caught the express bus. I  sat back enjoying the stunning rolling and verdant hills of Northumbria.

My intention was to  thrift in the town's glamorous charity  shops usually they stock quality items at reasonable prices;  I end up finding bagfuls of items. I started out at Cancer Research which is located near to the bus stop. I was so ecstatic to find a third pot of this type (photo below). As the boyfriend, and I are moving soon woohoo.  I've been slowly collecting up on accessories. The one thing I've struggled to find is canisters for tea and coffee.  I found one of these pots a few months ago in Whitley Bay slowly developed a small collection and this is the final one to complete the set. 

I headed towards the RSPCA charity shop, where I struck black gold where I purchased  three skirts for £9. I found so many wonderful finds they and excellent selections of items. I found a three mid-length skirts which seem to have a sort of gothic lolita aesthetic. I've been looking for these style of skirts for a little while and two of the seem perfect for the summer weather; especially, with the abnormal meditation conditions. I'm finding it uncomfortable wearing maxi skirts because of the humidity.  

I love this skirt it's by Marks and Sparks (Spencers); the lace of the skirt resemble handmade lace which is simular to the lace from Brugge in Belguim  and Malta. It had a modern take on a Victorian mourning skirt.


I was lured into Gaia ( a new age shop selling ethical and spiritual items) via the gorgeous incense aroma.  I wondering in afterwards, spotted a witch mobile I fell in love with instantly and purchased it. I considering putting this into my new kitchen or hallway. I While at the counter, I came across of the soaps and queried the vendor about them. I smelled the soap and before I knew it two of the cinnamon and orange soaps were on the counter. 

While chatting with the vendor the topic turned to  Lush and the issues I had with their products; particularly the ones that contain  sodium lauryl sulphate. The assistant  described their dislike for overpowering smell put the off. She recommended a the lavender soap and found it soothing to use. All of sudden, she kindly offered me the Lavander soap for free to try on the condition I tell her about my  experiences using the soap.  I felt overwhelmed by her kindness, I politely refused, I was reassured that it was fine I should take the soap.  

I found a wonderful mug in the charity shop for 50 pence. I adore this mug as it depicts  Whitby during a dark full night. The  notable part  for myself has to St Mary's and the iconic ruin of Whitby abbey.  

I heading to towards the bus stop and spotted 70% off last years Halloween products, I purchased the bat candle for £1.80 instead of £6. 
Afterwards shopping, I went to sit down to relax in the park to take a few photos and enjoy a cuppa tea, 

Taking pictures of the same place but in different weathers does create a different perspective of a place. It's lovely to see the abbey in a sunny weather. 

During the summer month,  I love trying to photograph insects especially bumble bees.  


  1. If Hexham isn't a Gothic place name, I don't know what is.

    Those skirts are amazing! And so cheap!

  2. What an interesting point, I never thought of that. The town was originally a roman town, and after the Saxons invaded they rebuilt the town, and its changed name. Hexham has a surprisingly interesting and dark history the town still has jail dating from the 14th century. During the time 400 years, the town was constantly sacked as the borders weren't controllable.

    That's a long comment. I love the town as my grandparent used to take me up for on a Tuesday for the market so I'm very nostalgic about the town and love it.

    I was very stoked about finding the skirt especially in the same shop.

  3. I love places with an interesting history and your town sure seems lovely^^ Great haul, those skirts are gorgeous^^

  4. Me too I love anywhere quite interesting and quaint, especially, anything with history.I'm so lucky to find those skirts. so it why I couldn't resist them.

  5. Hexham is one of my favourite places on earth. I used to visit projects there for work, and wangle it so I'd be working in the morning then take the afternoon off to spend some time in the town. I always love the library, with it's twisted metal staircase, and the abbey. There's a great independent bookshop - and they really do have the best charity shops! I've been meaning to head back there this summer as I appear to have written a book set partially there and want to go walk the routes in the book to make sure they work properly.

    The old gaol is an interesting place, but you have to pay to go in. The basement is proper spooky.

  6. I love Hexham during the summer holidays my grand parents used to take me upto Hexham for the market and we'd go the park and Abbey. So, I love going up. The charity shops are amazing and still, the prices are reasonable. The last time I went up I spent most of my time in the abbey. They have a small museum about the abbey and Hexham. I've never been to any of the pubs in the town. I really want to go to Hexham carboot sometime.


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