Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Carbooty Haul

I'm not sure if car boot sale is a British's eccentricities or whether other countries do this. I think other countries have flea markets.  Carboots involve people getting up at the crack dawn to buy and sell old tat from the boot of cars (hence the name). It usually takes place anywhere from rugby grounds to even farmer markets, typically they tend to be in the most unreachable place to get unless you drive.

The has been a surge in popularity with car boot sales as people have cottoned to them being able to find bargains. especially, when the Antiques Roadshow advertising some long lost treasure that sells for a lot of money. At the height of its popularity even, the BBC produced a daytime programme about them and experts offering advice;  No wonder why we're known for being slightly bonkers. 

My own personal experience of being a teeny greeny goth (a local and personal term for a baby bat) meant I found awesome treasures of clothing, jewellery and trinket to decorate my room. Mam  was more than happy to indulge my desires of fifty pence for a pendant and £1 for top or skirt she more than happy to contribute.  I even still have the items somewhere in her forsaken loft. Yay, I get to have everything in one place again, sorry I'm so stoked about the house.

Fortunately, the one I went to the bus drops  outside the rugby club, The car booty gods were in my favour and luring me with temptations . I've found some many goodies for prices only a tight git could dream of, so I'm high as a kitty with catnip. After spending the silly sum for a settee, I'm wanting to save money where possible. 

I took the photo while waiting for the bus.I was so lucky to find a candles stand for £2 I'm planning to put this in my sitting room.

Currently, I'm going through a phase of collecting hair clips I bought these for £1. 

These were my top bargain chenille curtains for £3. I plan to hang them in the sitting room 

Originally, the item were 50 pence each but the seller was lovely and let me have the for a pound.
I was considering to paint the candlestick a black. I think prefer it's present condition.

50 pence for the roses. 

I paid 50 pence for the photo frame. 

50 pence for the black lamp shade. 

I paid for £2 for the lamp but I tested it out it doesn't work, so the boyfriend offered to fix. it. It's a shame but, I love this lamp .

I found as handmade quilt and cushions I paid £2; there's some lovely cat detail all over. it  

I've been looking for a mantle clock everywhere and found this for 50 pence.

Matching candlesticks a pound, you can't have too many candle holders

The lamp shade was £1 thinking of putting in the hallway. 

The soap dish was  fifity pence , I'm considering painting black.

I did even find some clothing.
I found a gothic lolita style top for fifty pence.

I bought a bobbly ruffled jumper for fifty pence. It only needs a de -bobble.. 


  1. I wish we had those sales here. I swear one of these days, im going to move across the pond!

    1. I though in the states and Canada, you guys had garge or flea markets. Lol

      Sylvie, I recommend coming over for holiday defiantly, if you wanted I'll even offer you our guest room if you wanted to see Newcastle. I highly recommend staying in Canada I would love to be over there at the moment rather in UK.

  2. I grew up near that rugby club :)

    Seriously, did you get all that back on the bus?! Great haul.

  3. Really that interesting since I don't drive it the easiest car boot to get unless Mam's partners going.

    I was really surprised at the amount of great thing on offer. Maybe because I don't go every week. I don't even know myself I place everything in my hands and walked to the bus stops. Mind I got some queer looks.

  4. I'm in Australia. We have carboot sales, markets and garage sales. Do you have garage sales?

    Lots of finds!

  5. I didn't realize Australia had car boots sales it's interesting to learn that. I never really came across garage sales, it's not say we don't. I think more people sell at cars boot sale or sell things on gum tree. I've seen people selling thing outside their house. I last the next street over had a community yard sale, that was interesting. I've been to church,community and school jumbles sales.


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