Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Coffee, Cemeteries and Charity shops

 For last few Wednesdays' I've attended  St Andrew's church cafe for breakfast.

 St Andrew's is the oldest church in Newcastle and built in the 12th century. The church is surrounding by a quaint and picturesque cemetery with some burials dating back to the 14th Century.  Many of the tombstones intrigue detail has sadly eroded over time; the weather-beaten tombs look beautiful and full of colour with encroaching lichen.  It's ironic to think throughout someone's death and interment it then slowly starts supporting, nurturing life. 

The rare summer day presented the perfect opportunity to photograph. The cemetery felt full of life the verdant of the trees, grass, daisies and buttercups. I love the churchyard it has to be  one of my favourite parts of Newcastle, every time I walk through the grounds something new always seems to catch my eye. 

The cafe is open every Wednesday morning for a couple of hours; I go to treat myself to coffee and a scone with jam. My only complaint is the limited menu but for the bargain price of a pound of beverage and a scone,  it still doesn't deter me. Everybody has been very cordial and always up for a chat permitting busyness of the cafe. 

 My first visit, one of the volunteers offered to show me around. The tour highlighted:

  •  The opening where the sick received communion, 

    •                                                                 The tomb of a Newcastle Lord

        •   A plaque dedicated to the first Protect to play the organ for the Pope. 

        I found learning about the local witches and wizard interred to the unconsecrated ground  In 1650, thirty people accused of witchcraft and dancing with the devil; intern fourteen witches and one wizard were hung. Also, I learned they're executed at the cities old gallows it isn't far from where I live. One of my personal interest is in the history of witches and witch trials, so I'm getting interested in learning more about local history. 

        The unconsecrated burial ground

        After I wandered off, one of the other volunteers had told me about their concern, since my disappearance. I apologised about my disappearance and explained I was being shown around the church.  I end chatting the two servers about life and so forth. Even on my second visit, donning my goth garb everybody seemed happy to see me, and I was greeted with a big hug. The volunteers keep encouraging me to go back, I promise to try  to attend the cafe. It's a nice to place attend and everybody is always so welcoming. 

        After going to the cafe, I venture into the charity shops for some retail therapy. I found some amazing goodies:

        •  a faux croc glass case £1.49, 
        • picture frame 50p, 
        • top with floaty  mesh sleeves £2 
        • a bangle £1.50


        1. I love old cemeteries! Mm, scones!

          That bangle and picture frame!

        2. I like the picture frame but I've now painted black and feel it looks much better now. It's a pretty little place and changes it every day. I have weakness for scone, I prefer my own.

        3. Yeap, it was a cuppa with food and charity shopping is always fun .


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