Thursday, 19 May 2016

Saturday Night Crafting

This weekend was the tenth annual Tyne and Wear Late show. The late show  takes place across Newcastle and Gateshead, where over seventy arts cultural and heritage venues  open after hours. The venues host an array of events including, workshops tours, parties, and performances from local artists. 

The last few years, I haven't really attended the late night shows, over the last few years, unfortunately. The late show offers a fantastic alternative to just going drinking to the pub. Recently, I've been turning into a hermit and preferring to stay at home with a cuppa tea. I have such an exciting life of crafting staying at home, watching tv and going to places. 
The event suited my rock and roll style. 

My first  late show event  at  St Mary's heritage centre, where the group was taken around tour of the church's graveyard and taught about the history of people interned in the cemetery. I loved this and attending the tour at night enhanced the haunted atmosphere. 

St Mary's

I attended Saturday night events, I planned first attend Bensham Grove, I love supporting this place as it's where I attend my sewing classes on Wednesday.  After reading the brief descriptions of the venues, Bensham Grove had the most interesting it was holding different works shops to try out.  In comparison, the others were more tours and viewing artworks.

I intended to permit myself an hour at Bensham Grove, I became engrossed with the different workshops going on I end up leaving at 10:30 not permitting myself enough time to attend others. 

They had three different crafts to trail at no additional cost and they had  beverages on the sale.  The crafts keep in traditions of Bensham Grove which has also been central to incorporating arts and crafts of William Morris and open to the Brothers of the Pre-Raphaelite painters. 

I arrived started looking through the hall it was great to see the gardens in the  late spring evening, especially the small garden with two cats  sitting  in the garden.

I went to the small annex where the stained glass was made, and I attempted to try out do etching on glass. I chose a leaf as I love any natural shapes,particularly the leaf shapes. I first covered it with film and etched the design into the glass using a sharp blade. I placed acid paste was placed onto the glass, which highlighted the shape. I rubbed various colors into the  glass. 


I went to the large room where my sewing classes commence where they were crocheting  flower broaches and making papers flowers. I first attempting to crochet a flower, and I  found it difficult do as I was learning new techniques, but the tutor ended up completing the rest the crochet. The tutor suggested using dark red wool  to complement my outfit.  

One of my favorite things was attempting the papercrafts where I made a flower out of papers and the roses the were simply to make by ripping . The foldable flowers was a more diffcult and fiddly to completing. The rose I made I attached to a stick I found outside and glued a button.


  1. Cool! So many crafts. I'd love to learn the art of stained glass. I need to get back into my crafting. I did a bit of folk art in my time off and it was really fun.

  2. Yeah, the last week has been a bit of a craft orgy this week. It's been fun. I've tried to stained glass before as I think post about it. It was fun but difficult to do with the potential of cutting yourself from minuscule bits of glass.

    Ohh when you mention folk art, what types ? I'm really intrigued.

  3. What fun crafts! And I would love to go somewhere with Pre-Raphaelite history!

    1. It's such an amazing place to my sewing classes. I love it so much. It's great the place is shared for any one to use.

  4. Sounds amazing, I wish we had something like that over here!

    1. Where I live there so much that goes on. So count my self lucky to do it.


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