Friday, 22 April 2016

Yesterday's Outfit.

Yesterday wasn't an exciting day; I didn;t get up to anything worth blogging about it. I just simply enjoyed the unusual weather that's resembled summer than Spring. The recent weather is most the UK's summer. our sunny days are rare occasions but when the sun beams it's rays I wouldn't want to be anywhere else, sadly it doesn't last long.

When the sun does come out to shine,  I like to wear skirts mainly long one made from natural fabric, vest tops, with light cardigans and Mary Jane shoes. I hate wearing sandals and have a complete obversion to them.

My outfit pics.

Cardigan - Betty Jackson -Charity Shop 
Vest Top - Marks and Spencer - Mam's handy downs
Skirt - Made by me 
Shoes - Charity shop


DKNY bag - Charity shop 

Kitty Shopping bag - Monsoon Yonkers ago, I love it. 


  1. Natural fabrics are great in the warmth! I like your outfit!

  2. Thanks, I swear by natural fabrics during the summer.

    Since I opt to wear black I always have comments about wearing black, I'm not hoT OR OTHER COMMENTS.


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