Sunday, 17 April 2016

This week charity finds

Last week was a busy week. I had to go to Sunderland on Tuesday it allowed to search the charity shop. I didn't find much apart from a damask tray for seventy-five pence and items from  Poundland including some black plastic basket that looks like wicker and a jewelry hanger with a Celtic motif

On Thursday, I had to organize my passport which warranted a trip to Durham as this is my nearest passport office. Usually,  I would opt for the bus, but I couldn't be bothered with an hour journey, so I got the train, and was there ten minutes. I planned  for the Passport appointment to be a long one, but  surprised it took less than ten minutes. I went thifting and  in the past Durham has tended lucrative with quality finds.

I found two beautiful tops first, a sparkly Karin Millian sparkly cardigan perfect for the summer. 

Second a Victorian style silk blouse made by Linea £4, this needs some alterations on the sleeves.


I found a black and white cat memo holder for £1 

On Saturday, I had to go to Whitley Bay; my sewing machine finally stopped working as its had tension and stitching issues for a while. I drop it off to a sewing repair shop and it may cost £40 but personally it may be more. I took another opportunity to venture around the charity shops. 

 I bought two tops from the charity shop 

I like the crocheting detail on the neckline; epscially how it resdmbles a spider's web. 

The crochet detail going down the arm 

This top made by Boden has embroidery detail 

A close up of the embroidery detail 

I also bought a pair of shoes, they looked brand new, and they orginal price was £8, but it was 75 percent off, so I paid £2. I think they look fantastic, and I love the lace detail. 


  1. Cool retro witchy shoes! The sparkly cardigan was a great find, too! I really need to get my hands on a jewellery hanger!

    1. Recently, had no luck find anything in the charity shops, sometimes I go through phases where I find nothing and other time I have amazing things. I tend to hold onto things as well.

  2. Lovely stuff. The weather was a bit grim here on the coast Saturday, hope you didn't get caught in it.

    1. Thanks the weather wasn't too bad I was had about three layer including my winter coat. By the end I became too hot, I enjoyed rummaging the charity shops it.

  3. From catching up on your posts I now know I have to paint more things black, start thrift shopping again - but most of all; drink beer and cider while wearing silly hats! :)

  4. Thanks it's great to be hearing from you again. I have to be honest I was inspired by Bane from GIY. But sometimes it's fun to painting it black.

    It's quite fun sampling real cider wearing silly hats. Lol It's so fun.


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