Sunday, 17 April 2016

Painting it Black, again.

It's becoming a common site on my front street being seen spray painting something black and my front wall starting to show the effects. Even my upstairs neighbour  knew it was me spray paint by the smell of the paint and suggested black again. I explained I preferred black accessories.

I try spraying painting when the street is empty so in the early morning or lateish night I strive to  avoid painting when  people are walking by or children playing. I'm guilty of sometimes doing around in the afternoon and to try best to minimise the risk of affecting others.

This week, I have bought a containers for putting fragrances in such as potpourri. I plan to hang in the sitting rooms or bedroom. I forgot to take a before picture

Usually,  I haven't bothered using a primer for somethings it's been fine but with other I've noticed chipping, so I thought this may be due to not using a primer, so I'll see if this sworks.I used a primer from Wilko's  brand, spray painting black satin, sprayed lacquer and once dried added a ribbon.I think the black enhances the Fleur de Lis pattern a. I left the interior of the container its original colour.  

 A few weeks ago, on a charity shop hunt, I came across a pair of leather shoes. I've been looking for summer shoes and unable to find any that appealed. I found a pair of purple shoes for £2.50, and I sprayed paint them black I primed these before spray painting using Wilko's black satin, but didn't use the lacquer. 




  1. I didn't know you could spraypaint shoes! They look much shinier and nicer! Good work!

  2. I prefer the black they look much more stylish I'll plan to wear these for the summer. I dunno if spray painting will work just tried them on before I heard the paint and seen some cracking. But I'll wait and see what happens.


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