Sunday, 3 April 2016

Finishing DIY projects.

Over the weekend, I've attempted to finish off  some projects I've meant to complete

1.  Cork Memo Board

, I finally found some corks to purchase to finish off my memo board. In the end, I took the boyfriend's suggestion to half the corks; I glued them down using PVC glue and to used black string to fill in the edges. After calculating the cost of materials, it cost £6.35 to make since I had to purchase more wine corks. I realise I could have bought something allot cheaper. I prefer this as more individual and to my taste. 

2. Changing Handles on my craft cupboard 

Since decorating my cupboard, I've disliked the handles of the cabinet but unsure about what I wanted it. I went shopping to B&M bargain and found a pack of black pumpkin shape handle for £2.99 pack. I fell in love with the shape as they remind me of pumpkins.I think the new handles finish of the cupboards perfectly.



3. Spray painting a shoe rack 

Last weekend my clothes rail collapsed under the weight of my clothing, I bought a new one but the one I purchased didn't have a shoe rack. I purchased a shoe rack from B&M bargains. Unfortunately, it only came in cream so I've sprayed painted it black using Wilko's black satin spray paint and  Wilko's lacquer to protect from wear and tear. 




  1. I've collapsed a clothes rack before! High five! :P

    Great diys! The corkboard is definitely more unique than a bought one!

  2. You gotta be proub of callapsing a hanger but I bought the cheapest of the cheap, guess you for what you get.

    For the cork memo board I got it from she's crafty. Some good inspiration but check out on youtube. Not to my taste but serves as good inspiration.

  3. Some good hard work been going on, it all looks great :)

  4. Thanks, its not that work more fun.


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