Saturday, 26 March 2016

Painted It Black

 Last week, I had two wonderful weeks of relaxing, unfortunately, I didn't post as much as I had planned.

I've been inspired by the excellent Bane and who daily done projects of painting everything black. She's been teaching me to look beyond the garish, hideous colours and observe the structure and shape of the item seeing it's potential . However, I feel like I'm copying I promise, not my intention just feeling inspired at the moment since have some fantastic news but I will reveal later.

 I have been doing some mini projects spray painting a few thing black with cheap Wilko enamel spray paint, which works just as efficiently as Rust-oleum spray paint. The Wilko version you get 400ml for £4 in comparison to the Rust-oleum it that £3 for 150mls. I'm becoming a Wilko spray paint addict and my front wall is slowly being painted black,
I'm a lazy crafter and try to cut corner where possible which isn't always good. I haven't bothered using primers as the paint applied straight 

White Ikea shelf 

The shelf was only £3; Originally I purchased the Rust-oleum I end up using three spray cans which cost £9, three times the amount of what the shelf cost.  I bought the shelf to place my overlocker on as I can't store it my craft cupboard. Thought I could store on the shelf. I had repainted this and applied a coat of lacquer (Wilko's Own Brand £4 ) as my overlocker kept leaving marks on the surface. 



Poundland Jewellery Hanger

I got this jewelry hanger from Poundland I love the motif of butterflies but hated the colours, so I  painted black and felt it improved the images. I spray painted it black and replaced it with black organza trim.




Pumpkin Pot 

I went browsing around a second-hand shop, not looking for anything specific just gandering. I finished looking at the brick and brack section, I found a cute pumpkin pot, I asked about the price and the seller give it to me for free. I quite like the design on the jar, but I also prefer the black now. 


Pound Land Picture Frame

I've had an idea to turn this into to a member board using old corks, I've loved the shape of the picture frame, the picture frame is plastic rather than wood. I felt painting it black highlighted the details better than the grey.  


I am only half finished to make the memo board  I'm planning to cut the corks in half and glue them down. I got inserted by after watching She's Crafty.  When finished,  I'll post it . I hoping to achieve something similar 


  1. Great work! Amazing how much difference the paint makes! Love the butterfly jewellery hanger now it's black. I think I need one!

  2. Thanks it's been fun painting everything black and it's helped to transform things.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks hun, I must confess it's the inspiration should go to Bane from GIY. She's inspired me grab the black spray paint.


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