Thursday, 3 March 2016

Mam's birthday

Tuesday, I took my Mam (Mam is a northern expression for mother) for a meal to celebrate her birthday. Like usual I had forgotten about her birthday, pretty shameful but I'm rubbish remembering anything.When I was walking back to the train station,  I suddenly remembered it was her birthday, and so I rang her to wish her a happy birthday. I asked her about her plans, and Mam said it was going to be a quiet evening. I suggested going out for a meal and she agreed to meet up on Tuesday. 

Mam chose a place called Valley Farm, a British chain of restaurants that serves carvery meal and you picked your veg. Personally, it's not somewhere I would have chosen, as I dislike food that's been standing for a while. Apart from my rant, the food was reasonable for the price, and it  did fill the empty hole in my stomach. 

My mam chose the venue as it wasn't far from home and poor Mam was on nightshift.  I  also think the allure was the exuberant and gluttonous dessert counter with triple layer cakes, and overindulgent ice cream contributed to the decision. 

At times,  Mam and I wouldn't appear to have much in common. We are both seamstresses, well Mam was a professional, and I'm more of an amateur.  We do share a love for heavy metal my mams was Black Sabbath, T'Rex, and ACDC, this was in the early seventies not my taste in heavy metal, its make feels like less of black sheep. Love for warmer and sunny climates.  We both share a love for all things sweet, especially carrot cake.

                                           (The photo was  taken two years ago)

Mam but, she kindly offered to purchase desert and cake to take home, despite, it meant to a birthday treat, that Mam.  I was so full I couldn't consider eating the carrot cake. Usually, I'm like the cookie monster for cake. Cake num, num, num. We opted for small ice cream; I chose the white chocolate and Mam had the camel fudge. With hindsight after tasting Mam, I wish I choose her option as my was bland in comparison.   

 I shared it with the boyfriend last night and finished for breakfast. 


  1. It's cool your mam likes metal too, it probably helps parents understand kids better when they like less mainstream things too! I'm definitely wary of sitting food, pretty sure I got food poisoning once, so I am glad you are both ok! Take home cake! Yum!

  2. Yeap, my mam has bit of free spirit with some remnants of a hippy, when she was younger as she had thing for unusual clothing, guess I kind a get it from. Not to mention the heavy metal thing. Mam wasn't keen of the goth look or all black, I think she came to accept it and was happy to purchase black clothing and make up. She a pretty cool Mam and I wouldn't change her for the world.

  3. Sounds like a lovely day and lovely mam. Mine's a 'mam' too!
    Cake looks fabulous.

  4. Yay I love using the term Mam as it's what I grew up hearing.

    She's the best and wouldn't trade for the world. The cakes were insanely amazing to eat, I'm surprised I didn't devour it.


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