Sunday, 20 March 2016

Failed Flower Pounding, But Tomorrow is Another Day

As I have posted about my life goals at the beginning of the year, Two of aims have been attempting to save money and trialing new crafts. So far, I tried printing, quilting and silk painting, so I'm happy it has been going well for the last few months.

  While researching, I came across flower pounding which can be done cheaply. Flower pounding is when you take fresh flowers placed facing down onto fabric or paper and hammer the flower's petals dye bleeds onto the fabric/ paper creating an impression of the flower.

I used this following youtube video as guidance 


I thought it  may worth attempting the flower pounding with the approaching of spring I have noticed flowers are are sprouting. Yesterday, I went harvesting flowers, but I've set myself some rules to pick flowers that are dying or that have been lying on the ground. Permitting for the healthy flowers to grow and expand. I came back with mainly purple flowers with dark yellow pollen and daffodils. 

, I was hoping to achieve an incredible piece,  unfortunately,  it's quite disastrous. The flowers I used weren't the most effective for printing from my research did advise some flowers are better for the craft.  

Personal tips 

1. Many websites have advised waxing paper I used grease proof paper for baking.
2. I chose to layout all the flower and hammered the flowers. I would recommend laying the flowers out and hammer individually.
3. I placed wallpaper under the fabric as it the bleeding creates a lot of mess. 

I'm not entirely happy with the result, but I think I'm going to build the image up and use different flowers.


  1. I guess most flowers do not have a lot of colour in them! Seems interesting, though!

  2. Its an interesting crafts and great of occupping time. I need more time


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