Sunday, 14 February 2016

The Tale of Two Bloggers.

 A couple of weeks ago, I got so enthralled to finally meet Jane aka Breaking the Angel. Since last August both of us have attempted to meet up with each other, because of circumstances this never happened until last week on the 4th February. We finally met at Jane’s regular haunt, the Phil and Lit Society. Jane  invited me for a cup of tea and Tunnock tea cakes.  

The Phil & Lit is known as the Literary and Philosophical Society a Library built in 1825, it’s the largest independent library outside of London  and home to over 160,000 books and periodicals dating from the 1500’s. The library hosts lectures, concerts, reading, workshops and books lunches. I hope that’s right Jane Lol. Jane knows far  more about the Phil & Lit since she’s a member and regularly volunteers there.

I’m delighted Jane choose the venue as it's was my first time visiting the Lit and Phil. It's snuggly hidden away on the main street near the train station. The building is designed in late Regency Roman style.  When, I first entered the building, it had a grand yet, a simply decorated forum with large portraits of prominent members.  I enter the library with It's sort of seventy’s quaint charm with a solid wooden desk and on opposite side of the room  a serving hatch for tea and biscuits. The place felt very nostalgic and felt like the way a library should feel.

I'm divulging too much when I first met Jane was waiting for me while reading a Newspaper from the early twenty century. First impressions, I was felt elated to be finally meet the person behind the blog rather than communicating over social media. Jane was so welcoming and friendly with a very open and warm personality. My experience felt more like meeting up with an old friend rather than meeting a new one.  I guess blogging we already know each other. 

Jane invited me over for to take a seat and for a cuppa of tea, she explained it often got busy we were better off -getting seats while we could. Jane came back with a cup of tea and biscuits. Unfortunately, the hatch was out of Tunnock's tea cake.  The first thing I noticed we had in common was we both enjoyed black tea. 

Once settled with a cuppa and biscuits, we had a long and lengthy discussion about various subjects of blogging, our personal interests, lives, our views on being goths, and many more things. One of the most heartfelt parts was Jane's experience of the recent loss of her loved Sally, and she was still recovering from Sally's loss.  In a short amount of time, we discussed a wide variety of topics. 

Regrettably, Jane had to leave to attend a meeting before she left. Jane quickly give me the tour of the library and upper levels. 

My favourite part has of the library was the ladies parlour that resembled more of small ladies lounge with furniture from the cities. Sadly, I didn't take a picture. 

I'm finally happy to met Jane, considering the unusual circumstances of being alternative bloggers from within a small county such as Tyne and Wear. In my brief encounter with  Jane, I discovered a warm, charming and friendly person,  passionate about writing and literature. I found most enduring and infectious about Jane was enthusiasm for the Lit and Phil Society and who introduce me to a new place to visit. I'm looking forward to meeting up with Jane, again. 


  1. Ah thank you for the lovely comments :)

    I'm glad I made you feel welcome - I look really weeny on that photo!

    The Lit & Phil is lovely, and you are welcome back any time as a non member remember. I'm sorry I had to head off to my volunteer meeting for their World War 1 project, I was given lots of tasks to do as a result!

    To anyone reading this, Sarah is lovely, so sweet and nice and she looked amazing. She hasn't mentioned her beautiful outfit, and I wish now I'd taken a photo of her because she looked like she belonged in a Victorian library probably more than any of us there, especially the ladies' parlour! I was particularly smitten with her beautiful long skirt that she'd made herself - it was lovely.

    And it has been entirely my fault we didn't get to meet, what with poorly parentals and stuff, and I'm so glad she came to meet me when I suggested the L&P, even if there were no Tunnocks. And yes, mugs of black tea are the best :)

  2. Your very welcome, everything I wrote I mean.

    I'm so happy to meet you, and I so happy I met you at the L&P,it's fantastic place to hang out and to have a mug of tea.I understand about meeting up unfortunately, life tends to throw things at us and completely understand.

    Don't worry about that the volunteer meeting, I understand about volunteering meetings, as I regularly have to attend meeting concerning the charity I volunteer for.

    My outfit was a rarity as I tend to dress more like a student going hiking, donning leggings and woolly jumpers with my docs, than gothic outfits. I usually wear trousers rather than skirts, despite sewing a heap of them.

    Anyway, looking forward to meeting up again.

  3. Oh that sounds like a blast! I wish I could meet fellow bloggers.

    1. It was v. fun and would love to do it again. To be frank I'm not the most avid of readers;however, I enjoy being in Libraries and surrounded by books.

  4. That sounds lovely! I'd love you visit there sometime, and also meet fellow bloggers!

    1. It can seem quite posh at first, but it's actually a really nice, relaxed place to visit, the librarians are all lovely and the place is a bit shabby gentile these days. If you are ever in Newcastle it's very close to the train station!

  5. I will be popping more frequently, than I have it seems like a nice quiet place to be studious. LOL That's fun to other fellow bloggers.

  6. I am jealous of all the alt bloggers who have met each other! I want to meet you all! Australia is so far away!

    1. I guess we're quit fortunate to live in reasonable distance of each other. Especially since Jane and I live within ten miles of each other.


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