Saturday, 6 February 2016

Last Saturday

In my previous posts, I've mentioned about trailing out different crafts so far: creative writing, quilting, intaglio printing utilising- dry point and mono printing. Ok, the quilting hasn't been as successful, over the last few weeks I have been meeting up with different people on a Thursday afternoon I'm hoping to attend in due course.

While researching about the quilting group, that I've started to attend at the Shipley Art Gallery. I noticed the same venue held a monthly silk painting workshop. It's advertised as a workshop, it's more of meet up, but the groups are so friendly there willing to share skills for those interested. 

I'm skipping forward a little too much returning to the post.As many of my readers knows I'm try new crafts and skills out it turning out to be incredibly fun.  I wanted to attend the group but this time, I even got my friend Kerry-Anne, who share my love of crafts to come along. Last Year, we made glass bubble together.

As I previously stated, the event was incorrectly advertised as a workshop, it was more of an interest a group meet up. Despite the confusion, the group were so friendly and welcoming. They were more than happy to share their skills and equipment.  Both Kerry-Anne and I have done silk painting but not since we were both at school.

 The group started by cutting silk pieces up and mounting the silk on a wooden panel; they permitted us to use their silk paints and paint brushes. First we had to apply guttering to prevent the silk paint running through all the fabric.

The different techniques include

1. Painting onto dry silk 

2. Painting on silk mixing wet paint with dry paint. 
Silk painting 14
3.Mixing paint with dry paint perfects for any landscape 

4. Using salt 

It was interesting learning all the different techniques and the effects it produces to make the paint permanent the group offer to "fix" the pattern on the silk by steaming it. As I previously stated everybody was lovely and even offered to Kerry-Anne and me to have some cake;  we didn't take the offer up. 

Kerry-Anne and I had a great experience with groups completing the task, Kerry- Anne suggested about joining the group and attending every month as it would allow us to see each other more often. The group did mention about contributing a small amount of £3 which went towards using the venue and purchasing beverages. The cost is an incredible price considering how expensive craft course can be. 

We visited Newcastle's to browse the local charity shop, especially for the one that sells clothing for a pound. We manage to find some great bargain, Kerry- Anne was more prosperous in her rummaging ending up with a bag full for less than £10 and I managed to find a black pattern bag, for £1.99, top for a pound and a pair of combats for £2. I've been looking for a pair for a while and never found 

I love the design, especially,  the oriental frog clasp 

The bag I bought, Kerry- Anne tempted to purchase it, 
as she suggested it's the type pattern I like. 
I'm very happy I listened to her. 

My Outfit 


  1. Sounds so fun! I would love to learn silk painting!

    1. Yeap it's, it even more so, sharing with a friend.

  2. That's really cool! How interesting.

  3. Thanks my crafting resolution has taken off big time and such an easy and fun craft

  4. Lovely and interesting techniques!

  5. Thanks I'm looking forward to the next group

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