Saturday, 13 February 2016

Change of lifestyles

Since last November, I've been experiencing arrange of issues including pain intermittent pain, experiencing pressure on my eye drums, tinnitus (that always been there and never bothered me too much), vertigo and dizziness.  The dizzy spells are the worst out all the symptoms as impacts my balance, and I experience constant spinning  around me, most of these episodes often minutes I often have to stop and sit down, 

I finally went to the doctors who referred me to an ENT (Ear, Nose and throat ) consultant, who prescribe me with Betahistine Tablets. The medication has made such an incredible impact where I rarely experience any dizziness at all. 

So on Tuesday, I attended vestibular testing where I was assessed to determine the causes for my symptoms. The assessment lasted about an hour and a half; the first test was a quick lifestyle questionnaire of how the sign affected my life, the audiologist asked and about my medical history, and I was asked to do basic exercise. The worst of the experience was when
the Audiologist placed a tight helmet, which felt very uncomfortable I ended up feeling claustrophobic. Any the helmet was linked up to computer recording my eye movement can commonly cause dizziness and vertigo. During this phase of the assessment, my eyes had to follow a red light without moving my head. The last part was to recreate an episode of dizziness, where the audiologist blew air into my ear canal. 

The Audiologist explained the results found there was nothing wrong to suggest the reason for my dizziness, and she continued to explain about 80% of cases are often unexplained. Despite not finding out the reason, the Audiologist suggested about making lifestyle changes that would ease the symptoms 

Lifestyle changes included adapting to low sodium and high potassium diet, regularly eating, ensuring I'm well hydrated, and excising for at least twenty minutes a day, even walking.    

Another suggestion to avoid all products containing Aspartame is typically found in diet products, sugar-free or low-fat, personally, I avoid most of the products as I don't like the taste. One the things that are scary is the amount of aspartame found in cordial pop, which I love as I dislike the taste of water. Fortunately, I've found two shops that don;t use the sweetener pastime one from Marks Spencers and Waitrose. that sell cordials that use other sweeteners that have less harsh effects. 

The final step it to avoid all caffeine, which isn't too bad except this includes tea. Unless it's all decaf or fruit tea, but I have sensitivity already to caffeine I've found tea never had many problems I'm more than happy not to eat chocolate, drink coffee or coke ever again, but tea is the one that I'll need to give more consideration and research.


  1. Sarah, I'm so sorry. When I was tested for Meniere's Disease, they recreated the vertigo by placing what I called water balloons in my ears. It was awful. Even more awful is you being told that they cannot determine a reason for your vertigo!

    I drink a good amount of seltzer without any sweetener (carbonated water)... Maybe could try that. Something about the bubbles might make it not so water like? Just an idea.

    Hang in there and email me if you want to talk, complain, or cry about this

    1. Thanks for your support, I'll defiantly email you. I'm fine with it, but it would of been easier to get a diagnosis. I'm happy it's not Meniere's, but I'm still considering to learn BSL you never know.

      I had seltzer before it's a pleasant drink, so I'll try it.

  2. Invisible illness is the worst! And when there's no technical reason too! I hope it improves and that friends and family make an effort to understand!

  3. The boyfriend very supportive about and so are my family. It would of have been nice to have a diagnosis. However, the beta- histamine is assisting with the dizziness. At least it's controlled for now. So, I have to count my blessings.


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