Sunday, 10 January 2016

No More Resolutions Time For Change

A few posts back. I mentioned that I haven’t bothered planning any new year resolutions, as I make the same generic ones, usually fail within the first few weeks, and afterwards, I fail to continue to implement any changes. Just before Christmas, I started looking at my personal life goals I want to accomplish and considering how to employ small changes to achieve the life goals. I attempted to make minor modifications that have helped
Reducing Working hours.

Before Christmas, I’ve been suffering from a bout of depression and stress through work. I volunteered to go temporarily full time, but due to various reasons it went longer than expected, so with the agreement of my manager, I’m now only working three days a week. My first week working three days, I feel re-energised and more relaxed; the best way to describe it I feels as though, I got my life back.

Semi - Mediation

In the mornings before going to work, I try to give myself a few minutes to relax by listening to chill out music, since starting this I feel increasingly peaceful. In comparison, I felt very anxious and tense thinking about theoretical issues that may happen this has increased my stress levels; I’m enjoying feeling relaxed.

Healthy Eating

I’ve been attempting to eat more healthy, it’s still a slow, arduous process since I’m a cookie monster around anything sweet I have no discipline since I’ve reintroduced butter into my diet and baking; it’s not helped. At least, the boyfriend and I have started preparing fresh veg for meals and eating more chicken. For work I’m trying to prepack lunches with sandwiches, fruit and greek yoghurt, it's not perfect, but it’s achievable. Eventually, I’m aiming to replace sweets thing with fruit and veg.

This are sort meals with either white or sweet potato with carrots and green beans or mushrooms. I've also made more home soup.

Trying New Things

 I’ve wanted to trial out various crafts, despite cuts back in local government there are so many activities available to join, and many of the groups are very cheap or free to attend and many are willing to share their knowledge. I've  researching about local groups. Last week, I attended a quilting group, writing groups, I’ve booked a workshop to trial out a print making and planning to attend a silk painting workshop later on in the month.

Doing more crafting

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been rekindled with my love affair with crafts, so I was going to devote more time to crafting when possible. I was aiming to stop purchasing to unnecessary clothing and rely more on my sewing skills to make clothing. Especially, when there is fabric market where I can buy fabric as little as £2 a metre.  

Support More Local Businesses and Purchasing More Local Produce.

I understand the value of local businesses providing with unique products and a friendly high standard of customer services. I feel happy to be spending money with local sellers, as I feel reassured that I’m purchasing something of exceptional quality, reassurance the products have been locally and ethically produced. The money is helping to support the local economy and assisting to maintain diversity within the local community. I’ m aware that it’s not always possible to rely on local trades for all essentials needs.

 I’m considering trying to be more conscious of the companies who have ethical practices, such as John Lewis is a large department store in the UK, but the offer their employees stock intern the own a part of the company. In the UK there is a pasty chain called Greggs that started up in the UK, they support numerous local charities, and donate old food to local shelters. 

Plan and organise    

I’ve never been the best at planning or organising things, but it’s a vital skill for daily life. I’m planning to take steps to improve my organising skills by setting a monthly budget, set a time to complete crafts activities and complete my voluntary work producing a newsletter.  Planning meals for my days off and work instead of eating out or purchasing food when out and about.

Budget More

Since reducing my hours work this means a significant reduction in my income means less disposable income. I, think it’s worth it for the sake of mental wellbeing. With the reduced income, I need to set out a personal budget covering my essential costs, and allowance to for personal expenditure. Over observations, I tend to waste my money and purchase things I don’t need, especially dashing into budget shops spending money on unnecessary items, after a while it soon mounts up. I’m planning to give myself a reasonable amount of cash per a week rather than using my debit card. 


  1. Reducing working hours if you can is very good for your health!

    Good luck with crafting!

  2. Thanks, I'm in the fortunate position to be able cut down my hours due to the boyfriend.

    I'm looking to trialing out and learning newcrafts


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